5G-Mobix Project Launched at Ipsala Border Gate

G Mobix Project Launched at Ipsala Border Gate
5G-Mobix Project Launched at Ipsala Border Gate

The 2020G-Mobix project, which aims to develop autonomous vehicle functions through 5G communication technologies and supported by Horizon 5, the European Union technological support program, was launched at the İpsala Border Gate.

The project, which includes partners such as TÜBİTAK BİLGEM from Turkey, as well as Turkcell, Ford Otosan and Ericcsson TR, was carried out with 10 partners from 59 countries. One of the critical stages of this project, which will be presented to the public in the test areas created in different locations throughout Europe, has been successfully completed.

Autonomous vehicles, which are expressed as one of the technologies of the future, are being developed to act with the high-capability sensor and hardware technologies they contain. Within the scope of the 5G- Mobix project, the focus is on the development of autonomous driving without the use of high-cost in-vehicle sensors through roadside sensors.

In the tests carried out in İpsala, autonomous driving of Ford Otosan trucks from Turkey to Greece within the border gate was realized by analyzing the data obtained from roadside sensors on the Safir Bulut platform established in the TÜBİTAK Gebze campus by using 5G technologies.

TIR routing algorithms for autonomous driving and object detection algorithms used within the scope of the project were developed by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM in order to prevent possible accidents. One of the critical elements of the 5G-Mobix project, BİLGEM cloud technologies platform Safir Bulut has undertaken important tasks. Safir Bulut platform, which is also the management center of the 5G-Mobix project, has enabled autonomous driving by running the developed algorithms from the Gebze campus, 400 km away from the vehicle.

In this test, "platooning", "see what I see" application, in which high-resolution images are transferred live from the vehicle in front to the rear, and other auxiliary scenarios for faster and safer transactions within the customs area were also implemented.

The 5G-Mobix project will reveal different commercial and social benefits. Among these benefits, various automated mobility usage scenarios such as coordinated driving, highway lane merging, convoy driving, autonomous vehicle parking, urban driving, road user detection, remote management of vehicles, environment control, HD map update, media and entertainment are among these benefits. seen as some.

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