What is a Legal Secretary, What Does He Do, How to Become? Legal Secretary Salaries 2022

Legal Secretary
What is a Legal Secretary, What Does He Do, How to Become a Legal Secretary Salary 2022

Legal secretary; It is the professional title given to people who deal with paperwork and keep records in some institutions and organizations such as law offices, bar associations, courthouse and legal consultancy. Organizes the daily work of the manager and is responsible for office management.

What Does a Legal Secretary Do, What Are His Duties?

Some of the duties and responsibilities of the legal secretary, who is responsible for filing and preparing case files, are as follows:

  • To communicate with postal tools such as e-mail, telephone and fax,
  • arranging appointments,
  • Welcoming clients and visitors to the workplace,
  • Informing the person (prosecutor, lawyer, legal adviser, etc.) that the client and visitors want to meet, and ensuring that the meeting takes place,
  • If the work area is a law firm, after the plaintiff gives a power of attorney to the lawyer, typing the document prepared by the lawyer and taking it to the courthouse,
  • Filing the information about the case files from the courthouse,
  • Note the status days in the monitoring book,
  • Preparing and signing the receipt,
  • To print the title deed or other registry information as needed,
  • Keeping the workplace tidy.

How to Become a Legal Secretary?

Legal secretarial education begins at the high school level. Training should be done in the Office Management and Secretarial Department in commerce vocational high schools and girls' vocational high schools. University education should be taken from departments such as Office Management and Secretarial, Middle Level Management, Human Resources Program in vocational schools providing associate degree education. In addition, the "Executive Secretary" certificate is given by special courses for legal secretariat.

Legal Secretary Salaries 2022

The lowest Legal Secretary salary received in 2022 was determined as 5.200 TL, the average Legal Secretary salary was 5.500 TL, and the highest Legal Secretary salary was 7.000 TL.

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