Nose Breathing Extends Lifespan

Breathing, which we often do unconsciously and experience great distress when restricted, is an indispensable element of life. Even though we do it half a million times from birth to death, we still have to breathe properly. [...]

The November Advantage over the Suzuki Vitara Hybrid

November Benefit from the Suzuki Vitara Hybrid

Suzuki, which is appreciated for its models with smart hybrid technology, continues to provide special privileges to those who want to own a hybrid SUV. Those who want to own the new Suzuki Vitara Hybrid, 100 throughout the month of November. [...]


Corneal Donation Brings Light to Blind Eyes

Turkish Society of Ophthalmology Cornea and Ocular Surface Unit President Prof. Dr. Ayşe Burcu made important statements about corneal transplantation at the 55th National Ophthalmology Congress held in Antalya. 3-9 November 2021 in our country [...]


6 Tips to Start the Day Feeling Good

A good start to the day is the source of energy to be used all day. Small steps to be taken and made into a habit will allow the day to be productive and allow the person to spare more time for himself. 150 [...]