Katmerciler's New Battleships EREN and HIZIR II will be introduced for the first time at IDEF'21

Katmerciler's New Armored Persons EREN and HIZIR II will be introduced for the first time at IDEF
Katmerciler's New Battleships EREN and HIZIR II will be introduced for the first time at IDEF'21

Katmerciler, one of the leading companies in the Turkish defense industry, is participating in the 17th International Defense Industry Fair IDEF'20, which will be held in Istanbul between 2021-15 August 21, with a strong portfolio consisting of four high-quality vehicles, two of which are new. The company will present its two new armored vehicles for the first time at IDEF'21.

Launch 1: EREN

The first of the new vehicles is the 4×4 Residential Area Intervention Vehicle EREN, the new link in Katmerciler's armored defense vehicle chain. EREN, named after 11-year-old Eren Bülbül, who was murdered by the terrorist organization in Trabzon Maçka on August 2017, 15, will meet with the industry for the first time at this fair. EREN, which will be the new power of the security forces in the effective fight against terrorism, especially in urban operations, has been developed to exhibit high maneuvering and performance in the residential area.

EREN was designed as a smaller scale vehicle than Katmerciler's armored combat vehicle HIZIR. With its low silhouette, narrow and short body structure, and short turning radius, it has a structure that will exhibit high maneuverability and performance in the residential area. It draws attention with its high under-belly distance, superior climbing and side slope capabilities, and high approach and departure angles.

The vehicle, which has high ballistic protection, provides strong protection against mines and hand-made explosives with its advanced armored technology. The vehicle has been developed to adapt to different climatic conditions while attracting attention with its comfortable use in both urban and rural areas. It can shoot at moving and moving targets with its remote-controlled stabilized weapon system, and has an automatic target tracking system.

Launch 2: Khidr II

The second vehicle to be launched by Katmerciler will be the 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle HIZIR II. HIZIR II was developed as a higher version of HIZIR, which was introduced to the sector in 2016 with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and was not only included in our country's defense inventory in a short time, but also exported to various countries. The vehicle, in which all the superior features of HIZIR are continued, is a candidate to be among the favorite vehicles of IDEF'21 with its impressive design, increased technical capacity and new features.

HIZIR II comes as a tool that will inflict more fear on the enemy with its slightly more imposing and aggressive appearance than HIZIR. HIZIR II is a more balanced, more powerful vehicle equipped with new features that increase the operational power of the vehicle and personnel, from the number of personnel to the seating arrangement, from the windshield where the view angle is widened to the location of the spare wheel, and to provide ease of use and comfort to the personnel.


In addition to the two new battleships that Katmerciler will introduce at the fair, the 4×4 New Generation Criminal Investigation Vehicle KIRAÇ, which is actively used by the General Directorate of Security, will also be exhibited at the fair. Equipped with features far superior to the crime scene investigation tools produced before, KIRAÇ has various departments such as the office section, the evidence storage section, and the laboratory section. KIRAÇ was produced for the General Directorate of Security in three different configurations: Unarmored Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle, Armored Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle and Unarmored Criminal Laboratory Investigation Vehicle. KIRAÇ is a vehicle under the lens of foreign countries.

The last armored vehicle to be exhibited by Katmerciler will be the Remote Controlled Shooting Platform UKAP, also known as a mini-tank in the industry. The first example of the Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UAV) concept in Turkey, the Medium Class 2nd Level Unmanned Ground Vehicle (O-SLA 2) will take its place at the fair. Aselsan's SARP firing tower, that is, the Remote Controlled Stabilized Weapon System and the satellite communication system O-IKA 2, are added to the Turkish defense inventory with the cooperation of Katmerciler-Aselsan.

Furkan Katmerci: We Will Keep Eren's Name Alive at EREN, We Are Ready to Take New Responsibilities

Furkan Katmerci, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Katmerciler, stated that they prepared strongly for IDEF'21 and said, “We wanted to keep the name of Eren Bülbül, whom we sacrificed at the age of 15, in a national armored vehicle that will take an active role in the fight against terrorism, and we named our Residential Area Intervention Vehicle after him. We commemorate all our martyrs with respect and gratitude in the person of Eren Bülbül and Gendarmerie Petty Officer Senior Sergeant Ferhat Gedik, who died in the same incident while trying to protect him, and we wish God's mercy.”

Noting that they will share detailed information about EREN and HIZIR II, which they will introduce for the first time at IDEF'21 Defense Fair, at the launch, Katmerci stated that they will be at the fair with a domestic and national portfolio of four vehicles with superior qualities, together with KIRAÇ and UKAP. Katmerci emphasized that as a national, innovative and dynamic company capable of developing solutions suitable for different needs, they are ready to take new responsibilities in the defense of our country with new tools that will strengthen the hand of the Turkish Armed Forces and our security forces in the fight against terrorism.

Katmerciler, which was founded in 1985, has been listed on the Borsa Istanbul as a publicly traded company since 2010, has 32 thousand square meters of production facilities each in Ankara and Izmir, designs and develops its own vehicles with its strong R&D Center and qualified manpower, welcomes its visitors. will host at its stand 7A in the 702th Hall.


The company, which has a wide portfolio of defense vehicles, collects its products in five main categories: 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles, Special Products, Armored Construction Equipment, Mission-Oriented Special Purpose Vehicles and Armored Logistics Vehicles.

Katmerciler's product portfolio includes the following vehicles: 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles HIZIR and HIZIR II, 4×4 Next Generation Criminal Investigation Vehicle KIRAÇ, 4×4 Residential Area Response Vehicle EREN, Remote Controlled Shooting Platform UKAP, 4×4 Border Security Vehicle ATEŞ, 4×4 Armored Personnel Carrier KHAN, Riot Response Vehicle (TOMA), Armored Ambulance, 4×4 Armored Command and Patrol Vehicle Covert Armoring System NEFER, Protection Shield, Remote Controlled Multi-Barrel Gas Launcher System, Remote Controlled Armored Tracked Excavator, Armored Backhoe Loader Backhoe loader, Remote Controlled Armored Articulated Loader Backhoe loader, Remote Controlled Armored Dozer.

In the Armored Logistics Vehicles category, there are Armored ADR Fuel Tanker, Armored Bus, Armored Low-Bed Trailer, Armored Tipper, Armored Water Tanker, Armored Telescopic Forklift and Armored Rescue Vehicle developed for use in conflict or high-risk areas.

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