Vespa Produces 75 Million Scooters in 19 Years

vespa produced million scooters a year
vespa produced million scooters a year

Vespa, the iconic brand of the motorcycle world, celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, is the same zamIt also celebrates a great production success. Continuing its phenomenon with its technology and unique design every period since 1946, Vespa has produced a total of 10 million scooters, over 1 million 800 thousand in the last 19 years alone. Vespa's 19 millionth motorcycle that landed from the tapes was the GTS 75 from its 300th year special collection. Vespa, which is offered for sale in 3 countries with products from 83 production facilities in the world, including Italy, India and Vietnam, pioneers the evolution of individual transportation with every model it offers to the market. In addition to its advanced and durable body concept made entirely of steel, Vespa, which is the symbol of Italian elegance with each model, has maintained its popularity with pioneering models such as GS, LX, PX, Primavera, Elettrica.

Vespa, the iconic Italian brand of the motorcycle world, is the same as celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. zamalso attracts attention with a great production success. Vespa, every model of which is a phenomenon; While it has produced over 10 million 1 thousand in the last 800 years, it has produced a total of 1946 million units since 19. Vespa, which produces scooters with a unique design together with a durable body concept made of completely steel, has attracted attention especially with the increasing production numbers in the last 20 years. The brand, which produced 2000 thousand units in 50, exceeded 2007 thousand in 100 and in 2018, it doubled its success with the production of more than 200 thousand scooters. Vespa, which is a part of the life culture for many users, as a global manufacturer; It continues its production in 3 plants in Pontedera-Italy for Europe, America and all western markets, in Vinh Phuc-Vietnam for the local market and the Far East, and in Baramati-India for the markets of India and Nepal. Vespa, which is offered for sale in a total of 83 countries, continues on its journey as a practical urban transportation vehicle, as the most well-known icon in the world that affects millions today.

75 years of adventure started in Italy

Vespa, a brand of the Piaggio company founded in 1884, was born with the desire to create an innovative solution for individual transportation, it was first designed as a "motor scooter" based on a paratrooper motorcycle model. It then revolutionized classical motorcycle design with an integrated structure consisting of body, fenders and an engine cover that covers all mechanical parts. In this context, an extremely durable motorcycle with gear change and direct drive was designed on the handlebar. The classic front fork has been replaced by a one-sided swing that facilitates tire change, and the skeleton has also been destroyed. On the body, a design has been designed that protects the rider and his clothes from dirt and wrinkles. The first patent application was made on April 23, 1946. So 98 cc of 2 zamThe first scooter with an instant single cylinder engine was produced at the Pontedera factory in Tuscany.

From fan clubs to movie stars

In 1948, the “125 cc” model was introduced and it became very popular in a short time and the following year, the Italian Vespa Users Association consisting of 30 clubs was established. Immediately after that, Vespa's process of opening up to the outside started. Under the license agreement with Hoffman-Werke, productions were commissioned in Germany, in England under the license of Douglas of Bristol, and in France with ACMA of Paris. Vespa Club Europe, founded in 1952, brought together thousands of Vespa users. Vespa, which rapidly increased its popularity, made its way into the cinema by taking part in the 1953 movie Roman Holiday, starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, with 125 models. The first turning point of the brand was realized with the Vespa GS, which exceeds the 100 km / h limit and is equipped with a 4-speed gearbox and 10-inch wheels for the first time. Then the 55 cc Vespino was produced.

Sales record with Primavera wind and PX

Vespa continued to strengthen its position during the economic prosperity of the sixties and the renewal of generations. While automobile sales were increasing, Vespa offered the youth world a way to get rid of traffic with its small engine and compact dimensions. By 1965, Vespa, whose sales volume exceeded 3,5 million, started to appear in the advertising industry as well as the art world and strengthened its identity as an icon. Three years later, Primavera, the longest running model family, was put on the market. The Primavera wind drove through innovation, and the first sccoter with electronic ignition was the Primavera 3 ET1976, produced in 125. 3s, same zamit was experienced as an era of growing ecological awareness. Vespa has also become the most important solution to traffic congestion in cities. Vespa PX, which was introduced to the market in 1978 with three-cylinder 125, 150 and 200 cc versions, made history as the best-selling model of the brand with 3 million units in total as long as it remained in production. In addition, the success of the Vespa PX was carried to motor sports, and 4 Vespa PXs competed in the Paris-Dakar Rally. Success was achieved in the piloting of Marc Simonot.

Models diversified and renewed

Vespa, which launched the PK 125 Automatica model with automatic transmission in 1984, exceeded 1988 million in 10. Long-kilometer journeys also contributed to Vespa's becoming a rising phenomenon. Journalist and writer Giorgio Bettinelli traveled around continents in 90 countries and traveled 90 thousand kilometers in his journeys with various Vespas in the 250's. Vespa's top 4 zamIts instant and automatic transmission engine was also available with the ET1996 4 cc, which was put on the market in 125. Vespa, which entered the American market in 2000, renewed its GT 125 and GT 200 models in the following years and returned to its most classic lines with the LX. Vespa 300 GTS Super drew attention as the sportiest and highest performance model.

Technological, aesthetic and environmental Vespa

Vespa, which has created designs and models that affect the whole world, offered environmentally friendly engine and technological solutions to support modern driving solutions in the 2010s. While the Vespa 946 combines technology with aesthetics at a high level, the legendary Primavera replaced the Vespino with its 50, 125 and 150 cc engines. In 2018, Vespa's technology met with its revolutionary and contemporary spirit, and Elettrica was produced. This electric motorcycle of Vespa, which is completely produced in its factory in Italy, was appreciated for its Vespa lines in terms of aesthetics, as well as offering a completely silent and practical ride. By 2021, Vespa reached a historic milestone with 19 million pieces of production. Same zamCelebrating its 75th anniversary at the moment, Vespa has also launched its 75th special series in GTS and Primavera versions. Vespa's 19 millionth motorcycle that landed from the tapes was the GTS 75 from its 300th year special collection.

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