Domestic Automobile TOGG Moves Its Place in Global Competition to Europe

togg takes its first step in europe from germany
togg takes its first step in europe from germany

Representing Turkey in the new league of the global mobility world, TOGG carries the use-case mobility ™ value chain, which it has created with a user-oriented approach and registered in the world, to Europe. In Stuttgart, one of Germany's 12 innovation centers: TOGG, applying to establish a User Research Center at the hub, will develop mobility solutions that meet the expectations of global users.

Establishing its own mobility ecosystem with the motto 'More than an automobile', TOGG strengthens its place in global competition with its activities in Europe. TOGG has applied to establish a company with the name of TOGG Europe GmbH, which is wholly owned in Stuttgart, one of the 12 innovation centers of Germany. One of the main activities of TOGG Europe GmbH, which will be the first gateway of TOGG to Europe, will be user research.

The center in Stuttgart will be one of the application areas of the use-case mobility concept, which represents the user-oriented, smart, empathic, connected, autonomous, shared and electric mobility concepts that TOGG has registered as a worldwide trademark.

In the center, where new trends will be created and mobility solutions suitable for user needs and expectations will be developed, activities will also be undertaken to develop partnerships and new business models in this field. TOGG Europe, same zamIt will also be an important base for studies on the internet of things, big data, digital workforce and artificial intelligence.

Stuttgart region chosen by TOGG for the company is the most important business and economic center of Germany with its innovative spirit. Also in Stuttgart, one of the 12 innovation centers in Germany: the hub provides the opportunity to be included in Stuttgart's digital ecosystem, creating innovative solutions surrounding smart products, mobility and industry 4.0. More than 40 international, national and regional companies and start-ups operate at the innovation center in Stuttgart, which focuses on the subject of "industries of the future". As the roof of 12 innovation centers in Germany: the hub ecosystem includes more than 2017 start-ups, more than 2500 small and medium-sized businesses, more than 2000 research institutes and more than 100 international companies since its establishment in 350. happened.

Continuing its efforts to become the brand of Turkey producing smart technologies in global competition, TOGG will be Europe's first non-classical naturally electric SUV manufacturer as of 2022, when it will start production. TOGG will produce 2030 different electric and connected models on the common platform by 5.

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