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Specialist in Middle East Transport, Saygınlar Nakliyat

Respected for its experience dating back to three generations of Transport to Middle Eastern countries especially in Turkey with its own fleet of vehicles and all other countries of the world imports, exports and transit transport service offers. The firm, which finds solutions for the shipments to be transported to each country, is based in Antakya. [...]


Stop Your Menstrual Problems with FOREO UFO

Increasing acne, dullness, excessive oily or dryness… Many women have to deal with these problems during their menstrual period. Proper nutrition, exercise and a little extra care for your skin help you get through this period more easily. Swedish beauty tech [...]


Diabetes Drug Metformin Prevents Deaths Due to Coronavirus!

The results of a new scientific study conducted at the University of Alabama show that the drug used in the treatment of diabetes with metformin active ingredient can reduce deaths due to Covid-19 disease. Providing information on the subject, Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu said: “This is a very new scientific [...]


How to Buy Medicinal Products with Committee Report?

The delegation report is an official document showing the health or illness of the persons. The other name of this report is the health board report. It is prepared as a result of the examinations and examinations made by 3 specialist physicians in different branches. It is usually required by government agencies. [...]

export percentage decreased in automotive

Auto Production Falls 2020 Percent In 13

Automotive Industry Association (OSD) announced the data for 2020. Accordingly, total automotive production in 2020 decreased by 2019 percent compared to 11, 1 million 297 thousand 854 units, automobile production decreased by 13 percent to 855 thousand. [...]