hyundai ioniq shared drawing views

Hyundai Shares Drawing Images of IONIQ 5

Hyundai Motor Company is preparing to produce its first model under the name of its new sub-brand IONIQ. The IONIQ 5, the first model of the BEV series, which will be officially introduced very recently, has all the features of a CUV. IONIQ [...]

Foreign Minister Ertugruloglu Kktcnin local car tested the gun

Foreign Minister Ertuğruloğlu tested TRNC's domestic car GÜNSEL

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu made a test drive with the B1,2, the first model of GÜNSEL, the first domestic car of TRNC, which was developed by Turkish engineers and designers with 9 million hours of labor at Near East University. Minister of Foreign Affairs [...]


7 Steps to Easier Stress Management

The stressful process that occurs due to the inability of the person to cope with any threat they perceive and negatively affects their daily life is defined as "stress". Caused by the inability of the person to cope with any threat perceived and negatively affecting their daily life [...]


Don't Argue in Front of Your Child!

Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. Parents' arguing and fighting in front of their children can cause serious traumas as well as negatively affecting their development. A serious trust in children whose parents are in conflict [...]

groupe renault announces new strategic plan renaulution

Groupe Renault Announces New Strategic Plan Renaulution

Groupe Renault CEO Luca de Meo announced the “Renaulution”, a new strategic plan aimed at shifting Groupe Renault's goals from volume to value, following the approval of the Board of Directors. This strategy plan consists of 3 phases initiated in parallel with each other: "The Resurrection", until 2023. [...]


Hypertension Can Cause Growth Retardation in Children

Hypertension, which is thought to be an adult problem, is increasingly detected in children today. Pediatric Nephrology Specialist, who pointed out that it can develop in childhood without any symptoms, as in primary hypertension. Ruhan Intellectual, especially overweight obese children with hypertension [...]