Should Cancer Patients Have Covid-19 Vaccine?

A very close zamCovid-19 vaccine will be started to be given to people in the risk group immediately. Cancer patients and their relatives "Should Covid-19 vaccine be administered to cancer patients?" Emphasizing that he was curious about the answer to the question, Anadolu Medical Center Medical Oncology Specialist Prof. [...]


10 Tips to Maintain Spinal Health

In the process of Covid-19 pandemic that affects the whole world; quarantineszamThe widespread use of remote work, also known as hanging, sedentary life, and telecommunication, threatens spine health and increases posture. Acibadem Bakirkoy [...]

The giant of the automotive industry chose cisco for bmc digital transformation

Automotive Industry Giant BMC Chooses Cisco for Digital Transformation

BMC Automotive, which manufactures a wide range of vehicles from trucks to buses, from tracked military vehicles to tactical wheeled vehicles, has managed to stay operational during the pandemic period and to bring the security infrastructure to the future thanks to the digital transformation it realized with Cisco products and solutions. [...]