What is Teething Fever in Babies?

Teething is the process by which a baby's teeth begin to rub in the mouth. This condition can cause a variety of symptoms such as mild restlessness and fever. Dentist Pertev Kökdemir, how to relieve teething discomfort, how to treat fever and [...]

Aegean Region

New Food Safety Project from Aegean Exporters

Healthy food consumption and "Food Safety", which is the key to this, are among the rising values ​​in the world in recent years. The world's food store is in food production in Turkey "Food Safety" focused on what. Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association in 2021, "Food [...]


Do Not Say It Is An Allergy To Cold Weather!

The cooling of the weather can bring some problems in people who are prone to allergies. Cold urticaria known as cold allergy; occurs with exposure to cold air and the effects can be serious. President of Allergy and Asthma Association and Child Allergy [...]

BADO Gift shop

Best Birthday Gift

Birthdays are special days whose first celebration dates back to ancient Egypt and then took shape for hundreds of years and reached today in this form. When you take your first step to life in the hospital in our age, a note is kept from day to second and the first age and the next [...]


If You Are Sleepy After Eating Attention!

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül gave important information about the subject. Weight gain occurs in many people who are at home due to prohibitions, especially during the pandemic period. In the corona period, insulin resistance is also important against the danger of obesity. If you have a weight problem, in the middle of a meal [...]


Does Coronavirus Cause Neurological Problems?

The coronavirus, which spreads all over the world in a short time starting from China and affects hundreds of thousands of people, can hit many systems of the body, although it is a respiratory disease. It is stated that it can cause side effects in organs such as heart, liver, kidney. [...]


Attention to MIS-C Disease in Children with Covid-19

In children exposed to Sars CoV-2 virus, MIS-C, in other words "multisystem inflammatory syndrome", can be seen due to the virus triggering the immune system. It is possible for some children to have Covid-19 infection without any symptoms, in other words, "asymptomatic" or family members. [...]


Seven Exercises for a More Efficient Workout

MACFit trainers at the gym zamprepared the "Total Body Workout" program for those who want to make the most of their moment. 'Total Body Workout', which is a suitable program for those who are new to sports as well as those who do regular training, [...]


10 Rules to Breastfeed Your Baby in a Pandemic

The high risk of transmission of Covid-19 infection, which is seen in more people every day, is another concern, especially for pregnant women and nursing mothers. On the one hand, mothers who consider their own health and their babies on the one hand think that they can transmit the virus and give up breastfeeding! [...]


Attention to Stress Disorder After Earthquake!

Turkey is among the countries with geographical location is located in the world's most prominent earthquake belt. This is real zaman zamit painfully reminds itself with the severe jolts experienced at the moment. Caught in the midst of a traumatic and life-threatening earthquake [...]