'CE' Certification Authority to TSE for N95 Masks, Visors and Coveralls

The Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) has expanded the scope of certification activities for products that are required to bear the "CE" mark in accordance with the free movement of goods within the framework of the Customs Union Agreement. TSE has completed its national accreditation for particle filter masks, body protective overalls, eye and [...]


4 Effective Solutions For Under Eye Darkness!

Eye Diseases Specialist Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer gave information on the subject. Dark circles under the eyes are a skin pigmentation problem seen by most people. These bruises make the person look older, tired and sluggish than they are. Many people out of this situation [...]

Central Anatolia Region

Kluge Director of WHO Europe to Turkey Greeting

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca, World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Europe Dr. He held a video conference meeting with Hans Kluge. cases increased in Europe during the meeting, mutations in the coronavirus, current status and vaccine studies in Turkey [...]


If You Choose Covid-19, Get a Heart Check!

Although Covid-19 is known for severe damage to the lungs and breathing difficulties, heart problems caused by the disease are becoming more common problems. Studies, a new one of which is published every day, also show that Covid-19 causes in the heart. [...]


Covid-19's New Mutation Spreads Faster

While the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic continues at full speed all over the world; end zamThe information that the virus was mutated, that is, changed, caused anxiety all over the world. Stating that the epidemic continues and the change in the genome of the virus is an expected result [...]


Breakthrough Technology in Anatomy Lesson

Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine has implemented a groundbreaking application in online education due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the application, which is offered to students by making use of all the possibilities of technology, the anatomy lesson on the cadaver is a synchronous (live) session with special camera glasses. [...]


Probiotics Reduce Risk of Respiratory Infections

Stating that foods with high probiotic content reduce the risk of upper respiratory infections, Kenan Yıldırım, Nutrition and Diet Specialist at Medical Park Gebze Hospital, said, “If we want to keep our immune system strong, our intestines' favorite foods are pickles, kefir, tarhana, turnip. [...]


Why Do We Need a Psychiatrist?

Stating that psychiatric diseases are brain-borne diseases, experts warn that neglecting problems may lead to greater problems in the future. Psychiatric problems zamImmediate intervention is important. Experts stated that psychiatric diseases are brain-borne diseases, and the problems should be neglected. [...]