Tips for the best use of Pirellid winter tires

Tips for the Most Accurate Use of Winter Tires from Pirelli

Pirelli has shared suggestions that offer drivers tips for using winter tires in the most correct way, now that the winter is starting to make itself felt. The company also conveyed to customers the hygiene measures taken at authorized dealers during the tire change period. When winter is at the door [...]

suzuki vitara xe the last campaign of the special year

Last Campaign of the Year for Suzuki Vitara 4 × 4!

Suzuki continues to bring the most favorable payment terms to car lovers for those who want to own a new vehicle. Offering the last great advantage of 2020, Suzuki opens the doors of the SUV model Vitara, which has proven its success all over the world, with unique opportunities. [...]

Disa Otomotiv increases its capacity with new investments
59 Tekirdag

Disa Otomotiv Increases Its Capacity with New Investments

disaotomotiv which is one of Turkey's most important international manufacturers in the automotive spare parts production, despite his pandemics in 2020 with an investment of 2.500.000 million euros, Adolescents, took off his gear production capacity of the factory in Tekirdag tripled. With new breakthroughs in 2016 [...]

hyundai will produce new suv model name bayon
82 Korea (South)

Hyundai's New SUV Model Bayon

Hyundai Motor Company announced the name of the new crossover SUV model as Hyundai Bayon. Bayon, which will enter Europe in the first half of 2021, is a completely new model. Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President of Marketing and Product, Hyundai Europe, [...]

Where to Buy HRD Certified Tektas Pirlanta Ring
Introduction Articles

Where to Buy HRD Certified Solitaire Diamond Ring?

Just as each snowflake is unique, so are diamonds! Diamonds, which are described as the processed form of diamond, one of the most special and valuable assets bestowed on mankind by nature, are the favorite of every woman from past to present and are an inseparable [...]

Toyota Hearing Impaired Visual Communication Line Acti

Toyota Opens Video Communication Line for Hearing Impaired People

Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Co., Ltd. A first hearing was opened by performing the video communications line, providing the opportunity to talk through sign language services for the disabled in Turkey. Hearing-impaired consumers can thus access "Barrier-Free Communication" from the link on Toyota's website. [...]

mercedes benz turk hosdere bus factory is old
06 Ankara

Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus Factory Is 25 Years Old

The factory, which produces more than 25 buses in 72.000 years, has contributed to the national economy by exporting more than 54 thousand buses. Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus Factory, one of the most important bus production facilities of Daimler world, celebrates its 25th anniversary [...]

Buy a used car now zamani

Buy Used Cars Now Zamsudden

in the assessment related to the automobile sector in line with new developments in Turkey's economy 2pl Executive Chairman Orhan Ülgür, he had previously stated that his stabilize by year-end prices of second-hand explanation. Ülgür, to the market figures of the last week [...]