Meaning of the Audi Logo

What does the Audi logo mean?
What does the Audi logo mean?

Car logos can contain a lot of information about the history of the brand. In addition, automobile logos can have many meanings. For example, why is there 4 rings in Audi's logo? Do the rings in the Audi logo have anything to do with the Olympics? So how does the history of the Audi brand and what does its logo mean?

Meaning of Audi History and Logo:

August Horch, who became a partner in a car brand in Germany in 1904, left the company because he later had problems with a senior employee. Even though he wanted to establish a new company with the name August Horch in 1909, the other company could not use it. August Horch, who learned that the word “Audi” in Latin means “Listening”, chose the word “Audi” as the brand name because of the meaning of Horch and Audi because the word Horch means “to hear” in German.

So does the Audi Logo have anything to do with the Olympic Symbol?

Audi was founded in 1910. By 1932 Audi; Horch merged with DKW and Wanderer companies to form Auto Union. With this merger, the name of each company was represented by a ring, and the emblem of the new brand, which was four intertwined rings, appeared. The four interconnected rings used by Auto Union continue to be used as the logo of Audi today. So Audi's logo has no connection with the Olympics.

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