2020 Dacia Logan MCV Features and Price

2020 Dacia Logan MCV

2020 Dacia Logan MCV Features and Price are very curious by people. End zamDacia Logan MCV, which is a highly preferred vehicle at times, is the Dacia model produced since 2004. It is produced as sedan, van, panel van and station wagon. The station wagon model is sold under the name Dacia Logan MCV. Dacia Logan in our country has become a tool used by many of the cabbies that showed that the vehicle is kept quite a model in Turkey. Thanks to this, the Dacia Logan MCV was a good sales success and continued to be produced until 2020.

The 2020 Dacia Logan MCV comes with a hardware option. The name of this hardware package is Ambiance package

2020 Dacia Logan MCV Price:

Ambiance Turbo 90 hp105.400 ₺
Ambiance 1.5 Blue dCi 95 hp132.400 ₺




Style Package: 15 ″ Aluminum Wheels + Front Fog Lights2.500 ₺
Metallic Color1.000 ₺
Dacia Media NAV Multimedia System2.750 ₺

2020 Dacia Logan MCV Technical Specifications:

Torque (Nm)Gear Type0-100km / h AccelerationFuel Consumption lt / 100km
TCe 09 Turbo 90 BVM140Manual11,10 secX
1.5 Blue dCi 95 hp  220 Manual12,4 secLt 3,7

2020 Dacia Logan MCV Basic Equipment:

Basic Equipment for Ambiance Hardware Package
Luggage Lighting
Manual Rear Windows
ESP (Electronic Balance Program)
Driver's one-touch power windows
Driver airbag
Front passenger airbag that can be deactivated manually
Steering Wheel Control
Gear Shift Indicator
Daytime running lights
ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System)
AFU (Emergency Brake Assist)
Body Color Front and Rear Bumpers
Remote controlled central lock
Tire Pressure Gauge
Manual rear view mirrors
Roof Bars and side door moldings
Optional Equipment:
Dacia Media NAV Multimedia system
Style Package: 15 ″ Aluminum wheels + Fog lights

Dacia Logan MCV 2020 Photos:

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New Logan MCV Video:

2020 Dacia Logan Prices belong to March 2020, and the features may differ about the vehicle.

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Source: Dacia

Frequently Asked Questions About Dacia Logan:

Prices of 2020 Dacia Logan MCV

Model Price

Ambiance Turbo 90 hp 105.400 TL

Ambiance 1.5 Blue dCi 95 hp 132.400 TL

Important Note: Prices are for informational purposes only.

2020 Dacia Logan MCV Technical Specifications:

The technical specifications of the new Dacia Logan MCV model are as follows. The engine options, torque values, gear types, 2020-0 km / h acceleration values ​​and fuel consumption of the Dacia logan 100 model are as in the table.

Model Torque (Nm) Gear Type 0-100 km / h Acceleration Fuel Consumption lt / 100km

2020 Dacia Logan MCV TCE09 Turbo 90 BVM 140 Manual 11,10 sec -

2020 Dacia Logan MCV 1,5 Blue dCi 90 hp 220 Manual 12,4 sec 3,7 lt

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