Domestic Electric Tractor Mass Production Date 2021

Domestic Electric Tractor
Domestic Electric Tractor

The good news that the mass production of domestic and national electric tractors will begin in 2021 came from Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. Mentioning the works carried out for the use of technology in agriculture, Pakdemirli said, “We have recently developed an environmentally friendly electric tractor prototype to reduce diesel fuel use. The prototype is ready and mass production will begin in 2021. In addition, the smart ear tag developed for animals also records all kinds of data such as body temperature and geographical location. This data is sent to the vet via SMS. In this way, the right time and method of intervention can be determined easily to increase fertility and productivity, such as mating time, which is of great importance in animal husbandry. ”

He emphasized that a tractor with an electric motor is the first in the world.

Pakdemirli, in the first place to use the electric motor tractors in Turkey and then he said he expected exports to neighboring countries. Currently known only thanks to electric tractor prototype and Turkey's favorable geography, production capacity and international trade will become the focus of attention thanks to the potential in the agricultural sector.

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