A Brand New Electric Concept: Hyundai Prophecy

Hyundai prophecy
Hyundai prophecy

Hyundai Motor Company is preparing to introduce its new electric concept Prophecy at the Geneva Motor Show. Hyundai, which will make its mark with the new i20, make-up i30 and Prophecy concept to be produced in Izmit, will come to the visitors with predominantly new designs.

Prophecy, another reflection of the new design philosophy that the brand started with the motto “Emotional Sportiness”, also offers innovations in terms of aerodynamics.

“Prophecy”, which means “Prophecy” in English, offers a wonderful silhouette with its wide rear spoiler that increases aerodynamics and elegant lines that flows forward smoothly. Pixel featured lamps on the integrated spoiler on the back bring the visual to the top.

Saying “Prophecy does not follow the trends”, Hyundai Global Design Center President SangYup Lee also interprets the concept as a design wonder that counteracts time with its iconic lines. Aiming to expand its product range, Hyundai continues its innovative approach to electric cars.

The Hyundai Prophecy EV concept will be introduced to the world at the Geneva International Auto Show on March 3. Hyundai Motor Company will focus on humanity with its electric cars, new design lines and technology shows.

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