Opel Corsa is the most logical car to buy

Opel Corsa is the most logical car to buy

The New Opel Corsa is the Most Reasonable Car to Buy in 2020 in Europe. The new Opel Corsa was chosen as the “Most Reasonable Car to Buy 2020 in Europe” at the AUTOBEST awards. It broke new ground as the only car to have won this award for three generations in a row.

With its eye-catching details and impeccable German Design, the New Corsa looks remarkable in every respect. With its sporty and athletic design for the ultimate equipment, the Corsa is remarkable with its special front and rear bumpers, 17 ″ Diamond Cut wheels and dual-outlet chrome exhaust.

With the driver-oriented digital dashboard, it doubles the journey, and fine details and high-quality materials are hidden beneath every detail.

The new Opel Corsa's charm is enhanced by 16 ”and 17” alloy wheels. You can also personalize your vehicle with the new Corsa's black or white roof option. But if your preference is to watch the stars, don't forget the Panoramic Glass Ceiling option.

With the optional IntelliLux LED Matrix Headlights, you can illuminate the road perfectly and enjoy safe night trips with wide visibility.

Keeping your vehicle in the lane is easier than ever with Lane Keeping System (LKA) and Lane Changing Warning System (LDP).

With the new Corsa's 180-degree Panoramic Rear View Camera, it is now easy to skillfully park even in narrow parking spaces.

The new Corsa's Active Emergency Braking System and front collision alert detect vehicles and pedestrians, slowing the vehicle, braking or maintaining the ideal distance, ensuring safe travel.

With the 10-inch multimedia system from the new Corsa, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto supported comprehensive media access, get ready for pleasant journeys that you never want to end.

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