First Permission for Autonomous Vehicle Released

First Permission for Autonomous Vehicle Released

Nuro R2 Receives First Trace Among Autonomous Vehicles. Legal Permission for Nuro R2 Vehicle Produced for Package Distribution

A new development related to autonomous vehicles, which also offers great convenience for individual distribution companies, came from Nuro, an organization known for the development of autonomous vehicle technologies. The company recently introduced its new generation autonomous vehicle, R2.

Nuro had previously contracted with companies such as Krogger and Dominos to deliver food and grocery products. The company recently announced to the press that it has obtained the necessary legal permissions for its new generation vehicle R2, which is more current and safer for vehicles on the road. Nuro stated that they use a more durable body structure in their new vehicles. Thus, the company creates an environment that is less affected by bad weather conditions than its previous vehicles. In addition, the new vehicle has more advanced sensors and more storage space. With the software improvements made in the vehicle, better interior temperature control can also be provided.

R2 autonomous vehicles have received legal permission with the high security measures they contain. With this permission, R2 will be able to traffic autonomously. The main purpose of the Nuro company is to adapt the rules for autonomous vehicles instead of obtaining special permissions for each vehicle.

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