Hyundai i20: Impressive Design Meets Advanced Technology

hyundai i impressive design meets advanced technology
hyundai i impressive design meets advanced technology

Hyundai's New i20 model is a revolution following the brand's new “Sensuous Sportiness”, namely “Emotional Sportiness” design language. Coming with an unusual design philosophy, the new i20 also offers the best connectivity in its class. The Hyundai i20 is redefining standards with the most comprehensive safety package it offers in the B segment.

The new i20 was launched for the first time in 2008 and managed to become one of Hyundai's most successful models in Europe. The new model, which represents the third generation with its completely renewed body, fulfills the criteria of quality, reliability and practicality in the best way. In addition to these basic criteria, it also offers its users a dynamic style. The new i20, which will be produced at Hyundai's factory in Izmit, will also push the limits in both domestic and export markets.

Apart from its design, the new i20 includes a number of technological developments. Welcoming the user with the combined digital display on the dashboard, the car also offers a navigation system on its touch screen. The car, which draws attention with these two 10,25 inch screens in the cockpit, gives priority to protecting both the occupants and pedestrians with the segment leader Hyundai SmartSense security package. Offering a pedestrian and bicycle detection system and navigation-based "Intelligent Cruise Control (NSCC)" for added safety, the new generation i20 also includes "Advanced Collision Avoidance Assistance (FCA)".

Emotional Sportiness: Hyundai's new inspiring exterior design language.

The new i20 is Hyundai's first car in Europe to use the “Emotional Sportiness” design language. Starting this design philosophy with the Sonata model, Hyundai characterizes the design with the harmony between the four basic elements. Collecting oran, architecture, style and technology in one place, Hyundai wants to create emotional value and give its models a different look if we give priority. Compared to its predecessor, the car, which has been made more dynamic, is also equipped with more practical comfort items. Hyundai engineers, who pay more attention to visuality, have also developed the car, which they have increased by 30 mm in width and 5 mm in length. In addition, the wheelbase has been increased by 10 mm compared to the previous model. The new i20 has a very sporty structure with its 24 mm lowered roof.

The different character of the new i20 than its competitors stems from its dynamic-looking front and rear bumpers. In addition to these sporty bumpers, the design philosophy is emphasized with the new radiator grille, while the side view is formed with a bolder line. The lines, reinforced by the unique C-column design, offer a boomerang-like style. In addition, the sideline extending back emphasizes the vehicle's width and stance. With these external features, the New i20 reveals its modernity while at the same time giving its users a premium feel.

The Hyundai i20 will feature 10 different body colors with the newly added Blue, Flame Red, Turquoise, Sandy Gray and Mika Black. In addition, the new i20 also offers an optional black roof color for further customization.

A brand new high quality interior

Developed with various equipment, the new i20 offers a different look by offering innovative and technological solutions in the interior. While the interior looks much more attractive than the model it replaces, a spacious and spacious feeling is felt in the cockpit. The car, which stands out with its uninterrupted dashboard and door trims in terms of design, is beginning to show its difference with its more prominent dashboard. The door trims of the new i20 are designed with inspiration from the shapes found in nature. In addition, thanks to the LED ambiance light, an aesthetic interior lighting is obtained especially at night. In addition; Black Mono, Black & Gray and Yellow Green interior trim colors can also be preferred.

Now it is much more comfortable and technological

The dynamic ratios of the new i20 offer greater comfort and extended wheelbase than the previous generation. This means more seating for rear passengers. Trunk volume is increased by 25 liters, reaching a total of 351 liters.

Served wirelessly, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto work in harmony with iOS and Android smartphones. Also, the wireless charging feature in the center console means users don't need to use cables for charging. The rear passengers were not forgotten in the new i20. USB port is installed to charge the technological devices. The Bose audio system is included for more in-car multimedia enjoyment. Eight speakers in the cabin, including the subwoofer, offer high-quality music.

Efficient engines and effective performance

Hyundai offers three transmission options along with two engines. The most remarkable engine option of the model is the 1.0-liter T-GDi unit. This engine has two different power outputs of 100 and 120 horsepower. In addition, Hyundai features the 20-volt semi-hybrid powertrain for the first time on the i48. Thanks to this new system, 3 to 4 percent fuel consumption and emission reductions are also achieved.

Combined with a seven-speed DCT and a newly developed 6-speed manual (iMT) transmission, the 48-volt semi-hybrid also contributes to performance during acceleration.

Apart from this engine, there is also a 1.2-liter MPi, 4-cylinder petrol unit. Available with a five-speed gearbox, this engine produces 84 horsepower. Compared to its predecessor, the Hyundai i4, which has been reduced by 20 percent, achieves a more economical fuel consumption without sacrificing driving pleasure.

The vehicle, which will be produced at the Hyundai Assan factory in Izmit, will continue to contribute to the country's economy by exporting to more than 45 countries. The Hyundai i20 will be available in Europe in the second half of the year after it was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3.

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