Automobile without Corona Virus will be produced

Corona will produce a car that does not pass the virus
Corona will produce a car that does not pass the virus

The new measure for the Corona virus came from the Chinese automaker Geely. Chinese automaker Geely, which is part of Volvo, will produce cars that do not contain infectious viruses such as the Corona virus.

Corona virus has recently come first in the world agenda. People use many methods to protect against this virus, such as wearing a mask. Chinese automaker announced that it will use anti-bacterial systems and new ventilation systems in its vehicles to protect it from the Geely corona virus.

Geely's company CEO An Conghui said, “Geely Auto's research and development and design teams in Europe, the USA and China work together, such as buttons and levers with ventilation systems with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. develop environmentally sustainable materials that can be used on frequently touched surfaces. Prevention of epidemic requires a long-term effort with the participation of all segments of the society. People spend a lot of time in their car, which is the most common means of transportation. Cars are like their second home. "Within the scope of the fight against the corona virus, Geely Auto has transferred about $ 53 million to develop healthy and smart cars that will clean the air and filter the viruses."

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