Domestic Rock Truck Camel Preparing for Serial Production

Domestic Rock Truck Camel Preparing for Serial Production
Domestic Rock Truck Camel Preparing for Serial Production

Businessman Şuayp Demirel in Afyonkarahisar was able to produce a 22-year-old dream transport truck. Except for the engine and gearbox, all of which are domestic production and called “Camel kaya, the truck can carry 30 tons of cargo. The Ministry of Industry and Technology also supports the studies carried out to enable the truck to start mass production.


Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, a while ago, the factory in Afyonkarahisar'daki inspections, tested the truck.

Ank It's a really powerful tool. Our industrialists designed and produced this from scratch. It falls to us to be proud of using it. I thank them very much. Turkey is a country that has the ability to produce everything in fact. Our greatest value is our people. We are a big country of 82 million. Especially our young population is very talented in this sense. ”

Turkey introduced the world's car also stressed that people create great enthusiasm Varank, "If Turkey believes in the ability to produce everything. One of the best examples of this is standing behind us. ”

Reminding that his Ministry is always with the industrialists, Varank said, “I say this to all our industrialists; invest in the bride, provide production, employment. We are with you..


Domestic rock truck, which can carry very large stones and rocks "articulated," he said that the transfer of trucks Varank, businessman Şuayp Demirel'in family company that manages this vehicle with their own means and efforts expressed.

Minister Varank said: “They have designed and produced this. They are currently actively using in their own mines. All of these vehicles are normally imported but they have produced it themselves to sit down. This company 'We do it. Turkish people do this' he said, sit down and produced, and of course, they even cost cheap, even if it is not the economy of this entrepreneur wants to produce it. 'In any case, I'm going to produce 20 of these a year. I sell, I sell, let me stop 'he says. The vehicles used are very powerful and imposing vehicles. Currently in testing. ”


After graduating from the department of electrical and electronic engineering, Demirel started to work with his father in the blacksmith's workshop and produced tools for marble quarries. Imported rock and dreaming of producing trucks in Turkey who are working on it since 1997, Demirel in 2019 has realized this dream.

Business man Demirel, marble quarries, they produce machines, one of the biggest jobs in these quarries is the transport of rock pieces by trucks, he said.

Demirel stated that this transportation business has been done with imported trucks so far. Orum I have been working on this truck since 1997 and since 2011 I have started to make spare parts in a serious sense. I decided to build the truck in January 2019, and on October 29, 2019, I built it on my own. The human resources are the same, the technological resources I use are the same. Compared to other classic trucks, it is a vehicle with no failures. It can work in snow, rain, mud and slopes. I decided to do this because it is a much needed strategic tool. We have succeeded in this by Allah's leave. We did it with the people of this country. ”


Demirel, the local rock transport truck has created great excitement and accelerated the work for mass production, he said.

Truck, full-automatic 6-speed gearbox that describes the Demirel, the driver said that all kinds of comfort is thought.

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