Panda Cross 4 × 4 Multi Talented

Panda Cross x Multi Talented

With its easy use and agile features in the city, Panda Cross 4 × 4 does not compromise on its performance by displaying high capabilities with low fuel in difficult terrain conditions. Fiat Panda Cross combines fuel saving and performance with its 4 gasoline turbo TwinAir engine with 4 × 4 4 HP power, and it stands out compared to its off-road vehicle counterparts with a price of 85 thousand 0,9 TL.

Panda Cross 4 × 4 More Technological

The new Panda Cross entertainment system allows you to integrate your smartphone with the panda via Bluetooth, thanks to the Panda application you will download to your phone. With the help of a special phone holder, it offers many innovations such as easy access to the navigation and camera of your phone, controlling the radio from your phone, viewing the vehicle information from your phone, charging your phone via the USB port.

Panda Cross 4 × 4 Photos:

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