Last Bus Delivery of the Year at MAN

buffalo last travel bus deliveries of the year
buffalo last travel bus deliveries of the year

MAN Truck and Bus Trade Co. At the end of 2019, the company delivered the last deliveries of the year with six consecutive ceremonies. In the ceremonies organized for Kamil Koç, Artvin Ses, Özlem Diyarbakır, Metro, Zafer Turizm and Pamukkale, a total of 6 buses, 7 MAN Lion's Coach and 2 Neoplan Tourliners, were delivered to their owners before the New Year.

MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc., which stated its satisfaction with the intensity of delivery realized at the end of the year. Can Cansu, Bus Sales Director, said: değil It is not a coincidence that travel companies prefer our buses at the end of a year that they select and weave frequently. Our vehicles have been experienced on the roads; comfort, performance, fuel economy and low operating costs, from the sales team, from financial solutions to after-sales services are the result of a comprehensive satisfaction. It is very important for us to be a brand that both passengers and operators are happy, preferred and trusted. ”

Kamil Koç received 2 MAN Lion's Coach

During the ceremony held at MAN's İkitelli facilities, two MAN Lion's Coach deliveries were delivered to DG Otomotiv, the Muğla-Marmaris agency and individual investor of Kamil Koç, one of the well-established companies in the sector. On behalf of MAN Truck and Bus Trade Co., Bus Sales Director Can Cansu and Regional Sales Manager Önsel Demircioğlu hosted the ceremony, DG Automotive Chairman Haluk Beyimoğlu and Mapar Otomotiv Chairman Yalçın Şahin attended.

Artvin Ses's choice was again MAN Lion's Coach

Artvin Ses, the dynamic brand of the travel industry serving in various fields such as public bus, airport transportation and long-haul transportation, preferred MAN Lion's Coach for its new bus investment. Speaking at the delivery ceremony of MAN Lion's Coach 2 + 1 bus, Hüseyin Bilir said, “Our passengers were very pleased with the comfort and convenience of MAN Lion's Coach. We were also very satisfied with operating costs, passenger and driving safety. Based on this, we decided to continue Man Lion's Coach investments. ”

2 Neoplan Tourliners to Özlem Diyarbakır

Neoplan Tourliner was the best representative of VIP Class in the last 2019 of the 8 bus deliveries to Özlem Diyarbakır in 2. Investor-friendly Neoplan Torliner buses, where passenger satisfaction is at the forefront, were handed over to Özlem Diyarbakır officials at a ceremony.

Metro Malatya said MAN Lion's Coach

Orhan Hafif, the Malatya operator and individual investor of Metro, one of the strong brands of the travel industry, was also among those who preferred MAN in the bus investment at the end of 2019. During the ceremony, 1 MAN Lion's Coach 2 + 1 bus was delivered to Orhan Hafif.

Pamukkale individual investor preferred MAN Lion's Coach

Pamukkale, Turkey travel industry's most important brands in the Thracian Orator individual investors to invest in the ongoing MAN joined the caravan. At the ceremony, 1 MAN Lion's Coach bus was delivered to Oratur authorities.

2 Man Lion's Coach 2 + 1 VIP to Zafer Tourism

Malatya's 72-year-old firm Zafer Tourism also strengthened its fleet with 2 Man Lion's Coach 2 + 1 travel buses. MAN Truck and Bus Trade Co. Hüseyin Kaya, Yusuf Karadağ, Hüseyin Çağlar, Mehmet Güşen and Mustafa Karakaplan were also present at the delivery ceremony organized by Bus Regional Sales Manager Önsel Demircioğlu with the participation of Mapar Automotive Sales Manager Ender Keskin.

Zafer Tourism official Hüseyin Kaya said, la With the references we received from the users of MAN Lion's Coach buses; fuel saving, performance, maintenance interval and passenger satisfaction on line were effective in our decision. ” MAN Truck and Bus Trade Co. Önsel Demircioğlu, Bus Regional Sales Manager said, “It has been very important for us to take part in our award-winning new Lion's Coaches to our customer Zafer Tourism fleet since 2003. Making this delivery on the anniversary of the establishment of Zafer Tourism has a different meaning for us ”.

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