Leader Mitsubishi L200, the throne does not leave!

leader mitsubishi l does not leave the throne
leader mitsubishi l does not leave the throne

Mitsubishi Motors' most ambitious 4 × 4 model leader, the L200, according to ODD data in 2019 was the clear leader in the pick-up segment. The Mitsubishi L2, which has been the leader in its segment for the last 200 years, is confident that it will not lose its lead in 2020.

With 2018% market share in 23. Turkey's most preferred pick up then the Mitsubishi L200, its market share in 2019 according to the ODD data% to 27 was removing leaders. Nearest makes 72% more sales from competitors and the title of best-selling pick-up with the last 2 years in Turkey Market Mitsubishi L200 for 2020 are very ambitious. With its new chassis that combines durability, durability, balance and dynamism, the L200 was welcomed by users after its launch in September.

Mitsubishi L200, touted as the first time since 1978, 4,7 million units worldwide, while more than 75.000 were sold in Turkey. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, is located in the most important markets in the pick-up Turkey, as one of the world's 20 largest markets pick up key is the role.

Tam We believe that we will close the leader in 2020 ”

Stressing that the contraction in the automotive market triggered interest rate cuts and campaigns in 2019, Levent Akpulat, General Manager of Temsa Motor Vehicles, stated that he is proud to close 200 leader in the current market with L2019 sales. 80 2019 percent of automotive purchases are on credit, and interest rates have a strong impact on this. At this point, we continued our campaign fictions that supported automotive buyers throughout 2020. In 200, we will continue to be with our consumers. L75.000, Turkey's successful model so far has sold over 2019 units. In 200, we are by far the market leader in pick-up sales. Following the launch of the new Mitsubishi L2020 in September, we can see the increasing interest of individual users in pick-up with our modern figures where design lines are attained in addition to robustness and durability. We fully believe that we will close the leader in XNUMX. ”

Leader L200 stands out with its new design

The new generation L200 is the most ambitious with its safety features, improved road and off-road performance, full-time Select Super Select 4WD II ”four-wheel drive system, the newly added“ Off Road ”mode, uş Hill Descent Control” system and the interior design that is similar to car comfort. × 4 sets standards in its class as a pick-up model. In the new version of the L4, the front hood height increases, providing a more masculine, powerful and charismatic look.

With its sharp body lines, extended fenders and bright accents, the new generation L200 combines robust and powerful pick-up perception with a modern look. Durable, robust and dynamic, the new generation L200 is Mitsubishi Motors' world-class load-bearing performance model. The new generation L200 is offered to consumers with four new color alternatives; Diamond White, Copper Orange, Graphite Gray and Opaque Red.

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