Hyundai Introduces Flying Vehicles at CES

hyundai ceste introduced flying vehicles
hyundai ceste introduced flying vehicles

Hyundai Motor Company presented the mobility solutions of the future at the CES 2020 Fair in Las Vegas and received great appreciation from visitors. Air taxis developed jointly by Hyundai's technology company Elevate and Uber are preparing to break new ground in urban air transport, attracting the attention of the world.

Uber Air Taxis, which are aimed to be widely used in urban air travel, will benefit from Hyundai's mass production experience in the automotive industry. Air taxis, which will also benefit from the brand's technology in the field of electric vehicles, will make people's daily lives more comfortable and also save a great deal of time by using Uber's wide transportation network.

This project, jointly developed by Hyundai and Uber, was inspired by NASA and created with a completely human-centered approach. In this partnership, Hyundai will produce and sell technological aircraft. Uber, whose name is often heard in recent years, will set up its own airspace support services over the air transport network and prepare fast connections and mobile applications. Both sides continue to work on infrastructure concepts to support this new technology and build common airports.

Ai Our vision of air travel will completely change the concept of urban transport, J said Jaiwon Shin, Vice President of Hyundai's Urban Air Mobility Division. We expect UAM to revitalize city life and offer people more quality time. ”

All Hyundai is our first vehicle partner with global car manufacturing experience, Eric says Eric Allison, Uber-Elevate Manager. We also strongly believe in the potential to produce high-quality and reliable Uber Aircraft to reduce travel costs in the current aviation and aerospace industry. ”

Hyundai S-A1 Concept (UAM)

• The concept has a cruising speed of up to 290 km / h.

• Enables travel at an altitude of approximately 1.000-2.000 ft (300 - 600 meters) above the ground.

• 100% electric aircraft with a fully charged battery has a flight range of XNUMX km.

• The vehicle that starts with high thrust can charge for about 5-7 minutes.

• The concept uses multiple rotors and impellers to improve safety in the event of a failure.

• Large rotor with internal combustion engine runs quieter than helicopters.

• The model lifts vertically and travels normally with the wings extended during the journey.

• These vehicles, which will be used with pilots at first, will also have autonomous navigation feature in time.

• The cabin is spacious and comfortable. It will allow passengers to board and land easily.

• Have sufficient loading areas for a personal bag or medium-sized suitcases.

• Air Taxis are designed to accommodate only four people.

Personal Use Vehicles (PBV)

• It will provide urban mobility by addressing various lifestyles along with personalization.

• PBV will be used in places such as restaurants and health centers in urban transportation.

• Use artificial intelligence (AI) to find the optimal route to save time in transportation.

Common airports HUB

• Mobility areas will be established linking aircraft UAM and land moving PBV.

• Cultural centers such as museums, cinemas and concert halls will also be included in the name of socialization.

• Emergency health centers will be established in HUBs and important steps will be taken for human life.

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