Hyundai Chief Designer Also Awarded

hyundai bass designer was also awarded
hyundai bass designer was also awarded

Hyundai, which has not fallen on the agenda with its stylish designs in recent years, is strengthening this success with its design awards. The South Korean brand, which took more than 20 design awards to its museum last year, was finally crowned with DESIGNBEST 2019 by the AUTOBEST jury members, formed by the most influential automotive journalists in Europe. Awarded to the designer of the brand, Luc Donckerwolke, the Designer of the Year award also makes him a new member of the DESIGNBEST Hall of Fame.

This award, which is given to the most successful automobile designers in the industry, also reveals the claims of brands in this field. Pioneering all the brands in the Hyundai Motor Group since 2015, Donckerwolke signed the designs of world-famous models throughout his career. Donckerwolke, who also has a voice in the group's luxury brand Genesis models, will feature quite ambitious and extraordinary drawings in future models.

The Hyundai Motor Group will continue its strategic investment efforts in many areas, including design. In particular, it will tighten its investments in technology and designs to support its existing models. Finally, Hyundai introduced the next-generation Virtual Reality (VR) system at the Namyang R&D Center, allowing multiple designers to work simultaneously, directly affecting the designs of future models. With this system, Hyundai, which aims to save 20 percent time in its design processes, will also achieve annual R&D costs of up to 15 percent reduction.

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