Castrol Ford Team Turkey, which had obtained in 2019. Celebrates Success

Castrol-Ford team achieved in turkey they have expressed successes celebrated
Castrol-Ford team achieved in turkey they have expressed successes celebrated

Turkey's longest-lived rally team, and maintain and continuously sporting activities since its establishment in 1998, domestic and abroad, winning numerous wins Castrol Ford Team Turkey, 2019 season has left behind the success of rally team pilots, co-pilots, technical staff congratulated the senior executives of the team sponsors, Motorsports federation representatives and press members.

2019 Turkey Rally Championship and Constructors Championship with the teams get 14 times Castrol Ford Team Turkey, farewell to the year 2019, which it left behind with success, with its end of season celebration party. Bringing together the leading names of the motorsport community 'End of Season Celebration Party ' On Wednesday, January 15 in Maslak Castrol Ford Team Turkey Garage.

Events, Turkey Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) President Eren Üçler soil, Ford Otosan General Manager Contact Haydar directly, Ford Otosan Marketing, Sales and After Sales Assistant General Manager More professionals named ozgur yuceturkCastrol Turkey, Ukraine and Central Asia Director Contact Asli directlyCastrol Ford Team Turkey Team Director Contact Serdar directly, team pilots, co-pilots, technical team and senior executives of team sponsors, motor sports federation representatives and press members.

Yenigün: olarak As Ford Otosan, it is proud to be instrumental in the numerous achievements achieved in our country… ”

Castrol Ford Team Turkey Team Director Serdar Bostanci as the official factory team in leadership stressed that they left behind 23 years, Ford Otosan General Manager Contact Haydar directly, said in his speech:

“Motorsport has a deep-rooted history that extends globally to Ford's early years of production. The first race won by Model T in 1909 and the American continent was crossed from one end to the other was the World Rally Championship; From the Le Mans races to NASCAR, numerous successes were achieved with vehicles with the Ford logo in many different categories. In Turkey, Ford Otosan's motor sport history goes back to the first series production car Anadol in Turkey. Motor sports, the doyen of the Iron Bükey and mercy when we Renç Kocibey, Anadol, the first official rally in Turkey a year later in 1968 with the first production won the Rally Anadol A1 Thrace. We are proud to celebrate each new season with increasing success compared to the previous year. We have achieved in 2017, our country and the European Rally Championship, the biggest success location obtained so far in motorsport teams championship, the World Rally Championship in 2018 as a Turkish team we dalgalandırma successfully our flag, to numerous achievements in Turkey pride to us on the occasion of the Ford brand transmitter. For us, Castrol in numerous achievements and firsts suffered by Serdar Bostanci director in years ending passion for motorsport Ford Team Turkey team of pilots and our labor last our entire technical team, I thank the sponsors and all other for their contribution to the achievements of our supporters can-I wholeheartedly. "

Yücetürk: başar Achievements are the fruit of a stable investment in motor sports for years ”

Ford Otosan Marketing, Sales and After Sales Assistant General Manager More professionals named ozgur yuceturk is, said:

"In Turkey, does not leave won unprecedented trophy in motorsport, we name the date of the first of many succeeding Turkey motorsport in Europe golden letters in the annals team Castrol Ford Team a season with Turkey, we are proud to completion with more success. 2019 Turkey Rally Championship season, the 14th time we have gained Teams & Brands championship; Turkey Rally drivers & co-drivers championship; Our 2-wheel-drive and co-pilot championships are the fruit of our long-term investment in motor sports. Last year we told you that we will start our motorsport activities under Ford Performance in parallel with Ford's global structure. 2019 was the year we started to lay the foundations of this and we launched our Ford Performance website in this context. As of 2020, we want to take it further. Together with the new Ranger & Raptor, which we launched in 2019 and reached very high sales in its segment, we are also focusing on a number of experience-oriented projects aimed at off-road enthusiasts, especially in our country, as well as the e-sports subject that is the focus of young people as an extension of our motorsport activities. . "

Serdar Bostanci: "Our biggest dream world champion remove a pilot from Turkey"

development and stating that they show the potential of a great struggle for Castrol Ford Team Turkey Team Director of motorsport in Turkey Contact Serdar directly The "as Castrol Ford Team Turkey, we have gained all the success realized by transferring knowledge and based on many years of experience and has gradually increased. Thanks to our sponsors and automobile enthusiasts, we have trained nearly 50 pilots to date. We are continuing our efforts to show the potential of our young pilots. Our biggest dream world champion remove a pilot from Turkey. For this, we are proceeding confidently. In this context, we started the 'Drive to the Future' project that we started last year. candidate to represent our country in the coming years in the international arena, we are targeting new names cultivation 'Drive to the Future' the scope of our project in a first position in Turkey 'Co-Pilot Training Academy' and we continue to expand. technological automobile sport in Turkey, believing in the value of marketing in sport and committed to this sport and I want to thank again our sponsors standing behind us. I hope that we will walk along this path for many years and achieve the targets we believe together. ”

Murat Bostancı: ım I am always ready for new tasks and targets ”

For over 10 years, stating that he was proud to be part of such a team of champions Castrol Ford Team Turkey pilot Contact Murat directly He said, "I won in 2019 with 3 Turkey Championship, we won the European Cup and the European Championship with the team, was beyond what I set in the beginning of my career dream. This important achievement in mind, the next main focus of my Castrol Ford Team I won my achievements and experience abroad in Turkey, I would like to mention that to transfer to young pilots. Cars sport makes me me and serve that team Castrol Ford Team Turkey today, before gaining unearned success together and Turkey to build dreams together towards making a last name in motor sports in the country dreaming of a first for me, and now a proud became. As part of this great team, I am always ready to fulfill new tasks and goals, contribute to motor sports in our country and help young pilots. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to bringing this team to where it is today..

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