Domestic Automobile Factory to be Established in Bursa Gemlik

local automobile factory to be established in Bursa
local automobile factory to be established in Bursa

According to the local car production facility will be established in Bursa Gemlik. Many government support will be provided to the contractor, including the purchase guarantee.

Gebze Tayyip Erdogan, speaking of President Recep domestic auto introductory meeting, "Today our country to a historic day for Turkey's turning into a real 60-year dream has always been that we are witnessing together" and "Revolution were able to cut the front of the car, but now we do 'revolution of the' front of his car they will not be able to ”. President Erdogan, the domestic car factory To be allocated on 4 million square meters of land owned by Armed Forces in Gemlik 1 million square meters and said “I personally give the first pre-order”

Turkey's Automobile Industry and Trade Enterprise Group Inc. The total fixed investment amount of the facility will be 22 billion. The duration of the investment is determined as 30 years starting from 2019 October 13, which is the starting date.

4 thousand in Turkey's automobile production plant will employ 323 people, and these people will be 300 qualified personnel.

Location Technical Specifications

Electric domestic car 200 horsepower 7,6 seconds, well under the 400-horsepower 4,8 seconds 0-100 km / h hızlanabilecek.türkiye the car, the occupancy will reach 30 percent under 80 minutes with a quick charger. With a built-in electric modular platform and 300+ and 500+ kilometers range options, the car will be constantly connected to the center and can receive updates remotely via a 4G / 5G connection.

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