Manisa Old Garage Open Auto Market Launched

manisa old garage open auto market
manisa old garage open auto market

MANULAŞ A.Ş., a subsidiary of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. Manisa Old Garage Open Auto Market which is operated by. In the early hours of the first day, hundreds of car enthusiasts flocked to the auto market. Vendors were able to exhibit their vehicles in open areas when the closed area was filled. 350-400 vehicles were introduced from the first day in the market. MANULAS General Manager Ozgur Temiz, both Manisa and the surrounding provinces and districts said that they see that demand is intense demand in the coming weeks, the car market can be removed to two days, he said.

MANULAŞ, a subsidiary of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, announced that an auto market will be established on Sundays at Eski Garaj. Opened in the morning, the auto market was packed from the first day. The interest in the auto market, which will remain open between 08.00-17.00 hours, has been intense. Hundreds of citizens, together with their families to examine the vehicles went to the Old Garage Open Auto Market in Manisa.

De More than our density estimate ”

Salih Karaağaç, President of the Manisa Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles, toured the auto market, stated that the intensity experienced in the first hours of the first day was above the estimates and thanked everyone who contributed. Salih Karaağaç, President of Manisa Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles; “One and a half months ago we were with our Metropolitan Mayor at the Galericiler site. Mayor Ergun, Galerici listened to the troubles of artisans and the former Thursday market where the second-hand auto market, he said the idea of ​​being in the form. The shopkeepers welcomed this idea. Today, this idea came to life, and we see that there is more activity than we anticipate. Tradesmen and citizens said they liked this market very much. I hope more will come. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. There is a very, very high density than we anticipated. I guess so, it seems that not only Sunday but Saturday will be needed. Here we have citizens from other districts, such as İzmir. I didn't expect that there would be such intensity on the first day, I was really surprised. ”

“We can include Saturday in the project”

Stating that the intensity of the auto market is above the expectations, MANULAŞ General Manager Özgür Temiz said that they would make the evaluations to include the open Auto market with the citizens for two days according to the demand. will host the outdoor auto market event. We made our opening and found a density above what we expected. Now all of our indoor area, our outdoor area is full, and very little space left. Our citizens visit our area with their families and children. Many tradesmen came from İzmir, Akhisar, Turgutlu and Manisa and citizens who wanted to sell their vehicles came. A new trade area was established in Manisa. We have made one-to-one contacts with many tradesmen and citizens. We asked how they found it. Everyone is very pleased with this project. It will only be open on Sundays between 08.00 and 17.00 in the morning, but with this departure, we will also include Saturday. According to the demand, we will also make evaluations about serving two days ”.

Citizen Soup Catering From Metropolitan

Citizens who visited the Old Garage Open Auto Market in Manisa thanked the Mayor of Manisa Cengiz Ergün for the project and expressed that they were very pleased with the project. Both car dealers and buyers were very satisfied with the intensity of the market. The 350-400 vehicle was launched in the market. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality also offered soup to citizens.

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