Hyundai Begins Virtual Reality Design Assessment System

hyundai virtual reality design evaluation system started
hyundai virtual reality design evaluation system started

Hyundai continues to move forward in new technologies and vehicle development. Introduced at the brand's Namyang R & D Center in South Korea, the new system will have a direct impact on the design of future models, enabling multiple designers to work at the same time. will also achieve a 20 per cent reduction in costs.

The VR system, which is part of the $ 12.8 million investment in R & D, has 36 motion tracking sensors for the real-time control mechanism. Each engineer can develop and partner the component on the vehicle simultaneously. less time is spent.

The system can instantly simulate interior and exterior design elements, lighting, colors, all materials to be used, and even virtual environments. It also enables Hyundai development teams to closely monitor all operating principles of vehicle components such as doors, tailgate, engine hoods and windscreen wipers. The VR system also offers a number of tests on vehicle ergonomics and aerodynamics.

“The virtual development process is a necessary step to accelerate the production process and also to react instantly to changes in our customers' needs, Albert said Albert Biermann, Head of Research and Development at Hyundai Motor Group. We want to increase our competitiveness in mobility by using next generation virtual technologies. In addition, we will continue our R & D investments and increase quality and profitability. ”

Hyundai used this system for the first time during the design stages of its HDC - 2019 NEPTUNE Concept Class 6 truck, which was introduced at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in October 8.

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