17 Ford Trucks F-Max Truck Added to GBU Logistics Fleet

gbu logistics fleet ford trucks f max
gbu logistics fleet ford trucks f max

In addition to domestic logistics activities, GBU Logistics has carried out project-specific transportation operations for corporations and expanded its fleet with 17 '2019 International Truck of the Year' (ITOY) award-winning Ford Trucks F-MAX. The company has also expanded its fleet with more than 2009 Ford Trucks since 50.

SW car delivery ceremony held at the Logistics founders Gürol Ülger awesome and Adam Ülger'in as well as Ford Trucks Ford Trucks with Turkey Overview Sales Manager Murat Baser Baser Auto General Manager Omar Faruk were present.

Ülger: “F-MAX won the appreciation of our company and captains”

Gürol Başar Ülger, founder of GBU Logistics who made evaluations at the delivery ceremony, said, olarak As GBU Logistics, we continue to grow our fleet with Ford Trucks vehicles since 2009. In these decisions, we are taking into consideration both Ford Otosan's 60 years of experience in truck production, product development and solution generation, and the benefit of Ford Trucks' after-sales services and services. Now we are pleased to expand our fleet with the Ford Trucks F-MAX, the '2019 International Truck of the Year' award, developed by Turkish engineers and produced in our country. F-MAX, 500 PS power, high-performance engine with remarkable low fuel consumption and advanced technological equipment won the appreciation of our company and captains. We believe it will make a very important contribution to our logistics operations. ”

Offers power and efficiency with low cost of ownership

The F-MAX offers comfort and luxury with its modern design and driver-oriented approach as well as its 2.5 meter wide cabin. The cockpit-style console design allows easy access to all functions. A spacious ambience is provided in the cab with the smallest details integrated to enhance the driving experience. The new F-MAX features a high-performance engine with 500PS, 2500Nm power and 400 kW braking power. Superior aerodynamics, transmission system calibration and technical specifications ensure excellent fuel consumption performance and a 6% improvement over previous models. Technical specifications include E-APU technology and predictive speed control (Max Cruise). Reduced maintenance costs by up to 7 and long maintenance intervals reduce total cost of ownership. F-MAX's Ecotorq engine offers maximum performance and minimum fuel consumption in all road conditions.

Power, efficiency, technology and comfort in one F-MAX

New Ford Trucks F-MAX, one of the most prestigious and prestigious awards in the heavy commercial vehicle sector, was awarded the X 2019 International Truck of the Year IT (ITOY) award, bringing together power, efficiency, technology and comfort. offers. With its high-capacity 225 Ah battery, fuel tank volume up to 1050 liters, aerodynamic design and a high-comfort cabin, the new F-MAX offers users a great advantage on long roads.

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