Ericsson and Microsoft Joining New Generation Connected Cars

ericsson and microsoft unite their power in the new generation of connected cars
ericsson and microsoft unite their power in the new generation of connected cars

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) unite their expertise in the field of connected tools. Ericsson builds Connected Vehicle Cloud technology on the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform, which runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This integrated solution allows car manufacturers to implement global vehicle services such as fleet management, automated software updates and connected security services much more easily and quickly at lower costs. It also offers more flexibility with its modular design and multiple application options.

Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud Platform technology connects over 180 million vehicles in 4 countries worldwide. This corresponds to approximately 10 percent of the networked vehicle market. The platform, which is capable of supporting any networked vehicle service, has been designed to meet the increasing demands of vehicle manufacturers for scalability and flexibility.

Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud technology eliminates the complexity of vehicle manufacturers' ongoing global operations. The Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform enables automotive companies to provide a comfortable and personalized networked driving experience. It combines Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) services with a different partner ecosystem, as well as cloud infrastructure and border information technologies. Åsa Tamsons, Senior Vice President, Ericsson Business Technologies and Business Development, said that this collaboration between Ericsson and Microsoft will provide the industry with a comprehensive networked vehicle platform. It will offer a better experience. ”

Bringing together the leadership of Ericsson and Microsoft in connectivity technologies and cloud computing, this new offer will bring significant benefits to the automotive industry, said Peggy Johnson, Vice President of Business Development for Microsoft. We aim to make it easier for them to develop connected vehicle services in order to accelerate. ”

Microsoft and Ericsson will hold a joint event on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at CES 18.00, one of the world's most important technology events, which will take place in Las Vegas, USA from 20.00 to 2020.

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