360 Degree Visibility in Transport with CHEP's Digital Monitoring System!

chepin digital monitoring system with high degree of visibility
chepin digital monitoring system with high degree of visibility

Offering intelligent solutions for the supply chain to share and re-use sustainable business model based on CHEP BXB digital monitoring system that allows the pilot began in Turkey with digital means. The system, which provides real-time data acquisition as well as 360-degree visibility of the products being transported, continues to work rapidly so that it can be used by all customers it serves.

CHEP, which develops innovative solutions for supply chain with its high standard pallets, plastic containers and crates, leads the sector with technology investments. CHEP, which invests in big data-based business intelligence applications and Internet of Things technology through BXB Digital established by Brambles, aims to create more connected, smart and efficient supply chains by equipping its physical equipment with digital solutions.

Serhat Enyüce: We provide 360 ​​degree visibility and real-time data

CHEP Turkey Corporate Communications Manager Serhat Enyü think, 'The Flower Illumination' gave information about the digital monitoring system called. Enyüce stated that the studies were formed on two main subjects and said, ilk First of all, we focus on providing 360 degree visibility of our equipment and products we carry throughout the supply chains. The pilot trials have begun for a large FMCG company in Turkey. In the second stage, we aim to obtain real-time and meaningful data such as temperature of products, distance to destination. To this end, we placed sensors called 'beacon' on our plastic quarter pallets, one of our retail display solutions. With these sensors, the stocks of the products can be monitored instantly and the status of stocking is reduced in the products sold well. The proximity sensor allows consumers in the store to receive campaign notifications to their mobile phones while passing by. By taking this further, the temperature sensor can be monitored to see if the cold chain is broken in the food industry. With the weight sensor, it will be possible to reach many statistical data such as how much product is left on the pallets and how long the products are sold. ”

“We add value to the supply chain”

The pilot project started in Turkey's premier said the agreement made with one of Serhat Enyü by FMCG brands, "the pilot application is taken quite successful results. With our new digital monitoring technology, our customers will not only provide tracking and data acquisition, but also help reduce waste and conserve resources. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to do this at a lower cost ”.

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