Oyak Renault: Production of Electric Vehicles is Not on Our Agenda!

oyak renault electric vehicle production
oyak renault electric vehicle production

Renault has produced Clio and Megane Sedan models, which are the best-selling cars in our country. Oyak Renault, “Hybrid vehicle and engine investments are continuing, but the production of electric vehicles is not on our agenda at the moment.”

22 27 held on November. scope PERYÖN Human Management Congress Oyak Renault General Manager Antoine Aoun's "CEO Eyes of Human Resources in Turkey" HR strategies made in the preamble of his speech he told and Groupe Renault Oyak given about the Renault general and corporate information referring to that service to the press Anatolia Agency In the news, Oyak Renault will produce electric and hybrid vehicles at 2020.

The news, which was later corrected by Anadolu Agency, included information that only hybrid engines and vehicles would be produced. As Oyak Renault, we are continuing our investments in hybrid vehicles and engines and we state that electric vehicle production is not on our agenda at the moment.

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