IDC's 2 Award for Otokar's Digital Transformation Projects

autocarin digital conversion projects
autocarin digital conversion projects

Two projects realized by Otokar, one of the leading automotive and defense industry companies in Turkey, within the scope of digital transformation efforts were awarded by IDC. Otokar was awarded with the C Intelligent Spare Part Optimization isinde project in the itik Analytical and Big Data ”category in the Artificial Intelligence, Analytical and RPA Technologies competition organized by IDC and in the Manufacturing Mobility in Production” category with the OTOperation project in the Smart Manufacturing event.

Otokar, one of the Koç Group companies exporting vehicles produced in Sakarya Arifiye to countries over 60, continues to lead the sector with projects developed within the scope of its digital transformation vision. In order to connect all units and stakeholders in the company with information technology systems with the latest production technologies, Otokar has been focusing on digital transformation efforts for the last two years and simultaneously carrying out many projects under different titles.

R & D, engineering capabilities, experienced and competent human resources with 56 years many firsts and exporting technology abroad from Turkey, Otokar, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Parts Optimization in Analytical and RPA Technology competition (SPOT) for his project "Analytical and Big Data ID awarded by IDC. Otokar won its second prize at IDC's Smart Manufacturing event. OTOperasyon, which deals with the preparation and display of operational pages used in production lines and ensuring the sustainability of Otokar quality, was awarded the second prize in the Mobil Mobility in Production ”category. The digital transformation project team received Otokar's awards.

Carrying out all its activities with the philosophy of total excellence, Otokar; In the last year, 10 has spent over TL 1 billion in areas such as R & D, development of new product and production technologies, digitization, and reduction of environmental impacts of products. Otokar focuses on digital transformation efforts to accelerate the business processes of all stakeholders, from production to suppliers and dealers, and aims to be a pioneer in digital transformation by closely following the requirements of the era.


Otokar has minimized the waiting period with Smart Spare Part Optimization (SPOT) software, which was developed to provide customers with their parts requirements at any time. Developed using a dual-stage machine learning algorithm, SPOT analyzes the needs of customers in the past with its intelligent features. The software foresees this situation before the need arises and predicts the appropriate parts and supplies the stock. Otokar, which optimized its stocks with the developed software and started to use its resources more efficiently, carried its claim to a different point in after-sales services.


OTOperasyon, which digitized the operation pages used in the Otokar bus production line, opened the door to a new era in business processes. Setting a new standard for operation pages on the production line, the application enables tracking of the entire process from tablet computers to the use of parts to reporting processes. OTOperasyon, which supports the employees on the production line with videos, also presented an instant reporting screen to the management units. Increasing the quality bar in production, the application minimizes error in business processes; accelerated vehicle or location-based target tracking.

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