Otokar Atlas Became a Favorite of Sakarya Agriculture, Livestock Machinery Technologies and Feed Fair

Otokar Atlas
Otokar Atlas

Otokar, Turkey's leading company in the automotive industry, light truck segment ambitious tool of Sakarya Atlas Livestock and Forage Machines exhibited at the Technology Fair. Otokar Atlas was the favorite of visitors at the fair, which was organized by 2 this year and attended by Otokar dealer Gaziantepli Kardeşler.

Otokar, one of the Koç Group companies, continues to offer its innovative tools to consumers in the events organized. Otokar took part in the Atlas Livestock Machinery and Feed Fair in 2 in Sakarya this year. Otokar dealer Gaziantepli Kardeşler participated in the organization which was held in Sakarya Hendek Multi-Purpose Indoor Fairground.

180 company, which develops products and services in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry, technology, participated in the organization and became the favorite of the fair with Atlas, the ambitious vehicle of the light truck segment. Strong, environmentally friendly and economical Euro 6 engine has been exhibited by Atlas, which always saves time with low operating costs and suitable spare parts cost.


Otokar Atlas, named after the strong hero Atlas who carries the dome on the shoulders of mythology in mythology, gives the driver confidence in his journey with his electronic stability control (ESC), full air braking system and wide track range. Otokar Atlas, which makes a difference in comfort with its renewed interior cabin, maximizes security by warning the drivers with LDWS in case they go out of lanes during their journey. With two different length options according to different needs, Atlas also offers the speed limiter as standard. Otokar Atlas, which responds to the users' comfortable driving demands in many ways, enables the drivers to continue on the steep ramps without slipping back.

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