Off-Road Racing Breaths in Ordu

off road racing
off road racing

The Black Sea Off-Road Cup 5, organized under the leadership of the Gezenbilir Off-Road Club, is supported by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Foot Race was held at Kayabaşı Melet Bridge.

A special track was created for Off-Road racers at Kayabaşı Melet Bridge. The 21 Off-Road car fought hard to get on the track with mud, ramps, water-filled pits and bends. Many athletes from the Black Sea provinces participated in the race, the audience had an exciting moment.


Muhammer Çelebi, Founder and President of Ordu Gezenbilir Off-Road Club, said organizasyon Black Sea Off-Road Cup 5. We did the Foot Race in Ordu. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality supported us in the prepared course. We were greeted with great interest by the audience. Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Guler personally. We would like to thank him. This organization was a great introduction for the Army, ”he said.

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