Monster Energy Pilot Lewis Hamilton 6. Once Champion

monster energy pilot lewis hamilton was once champion
monster energy pilot lewis hamilton was once champion

Monster Energy Pilot Lewis Hamilton, who finished second in the United States Grand Prix, celebrated his sixth time as Formula One world champion. The star of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team is now a trophy away from Michael Schumacher's seven world championship records.

Lewis' performances this season were surprisingly stable. Rarely when to force the tool by making mistakes; he knew when to protect his tires. Austin entered the top three in the 83 of the 248 Grand Prix, where he won the 150 with his result at the Circuit of Americas in Texas. For Lewis, 2019 was one of the best seasons he had ever won for 10.

Dim I've been in constant development this year, but I've worked hard to start the season as well as I did last year, Lewis Lewis said. I've never compromised my qualification. It was the best year for my performance. I'm working on an art masterpiece and I'm not finished yet. It takes a long time to specialize in a subject. Even though I feel that I am on my way to expertise, I still have a long way to go. It's normal to have ups and downs on this road. But now I think I'm good enough to deal with them at this point. ”

Although he is not one of the best records and accomplishments he has broken, Lewis is aware of the importance of being in a position to break and surpass Schumacher's record: I'm not the one who puts my head on records. I thought it was far from getting close to his achievements. This possibility was far away, but now it seems very close. But I find it so difficult to understand that on the one hand it is far away. I don't know what happens next year or at 2021. But I believe that I will continue to develop and will do more great things with this team. Time will show that now. ”

The only person who could have prevented Lewis from winning the championship was his teammate, Monster Energy Pilot Valtteri Bottas. Alt The only thing I could do to win the championship hopes was to win. Of course I've done my part and it makes me feel good. I have a little mixed feelings. This weekend was very good but the other races of the season did not feel so good. I need to be positive. I had my best season at Formula 1. I have made great gains in many areas. I'm sure Lewis would have wanted to take the championship first. I stopped him, and it feels great. Now I look forward to next year. ”

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