Land Rover's Discovery Sport Model Wins the Prestigious Safety Award

land roverin discovery sport was awarded the prestigious security award
land roverin discovery sport was awarded the prestigious security award

Discovery Sport received the “What Car? Otomobil Car of the Year Award for the Safety Award for its advanced systems that protect both occupants and pedestrians.

Prize; With its groundbreaking equipment, advanced engineering and the innovative 5 + 2 interior design within the compact vehicle footprint, Discovery Sport is introduced into the compact SUV segment.

The success story of the Land Rover family selected the best wide SUV for two consecutive years, and in its price range What Car? Price Point The Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE won the “best price” award.

Thanks to a strong combination of quality and value, the Range Rover Evoque SD4 Pure Tech has secured another Price Point award in the small SUV category. Range Rover 3.0 TDV6 Vogue SE strengthened its superiority among luxury cars over the price 70.000 pounds.

Ay Winning this award has been valuable and unbiased evidence for Discovery Sport's exceptional quality and ability, Murr says Murray Dietsch, Land Rover Programs Manager. This success also goes beyond the requirements and the expectations of our customers to ensure safe conditions and shows our long distance.

Güvenlik Safety was our top priority when developing Discovery Sport, a real family car. This award honors our pioneering work without compromise for the model. ”

Jeremy Hicks, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover UK, commented: “These awards further boost expectations from Discovery Sport, which is preparing for the market, while reinforcing the class-leading quality features offered in the Land Rover range.

“While the Range Rover Sport maintains its unrivaled position in the class, the model continues to maintain its award-winning quality since its inception three years ago, thanks to continuous improvements we have made to the Range Rover Evoque. Range Rover, at the top of the market, is able to stay in an admirable position by offering bespoke luxury features and exceptional performance capacity. ”

Discovery Sport Wins Safety Award

Discovery Sport's Safety Award proves Land Rover's great success in delivering effective and advanced safety systems as standard. Raising the bar in its class, Discovery Sport provides exceptional protection for passengers and pedestrians in the car and features features that were previously rated five stars at the highest NCAP crash test in Europe.

What Car? He expresses his praise for Discovery Sport: en The most impressive point here is that Land Rover has gone beyond the standards required for a five-star NCAP rating. Adult protection is the second highest score of the year, child and pedestrian protection is extremely reliable and the safety support rating is far above its competitors. ”

In addition to the Independent Emergency Brake feature, which is standard on the entire model range, Discovery Sport intelligently benefits from advanced technology for safer driving. Using a digital stereo camera, the car notifies the driver of potential collision hazards beforehand and applies the emergency brake when a collision effect is to be prevented or reduced. As a top-of-the-line feature for a small SUV, the Discovery Sport has a standard pedestrian airbag that opens automatically from the top rear of the bonnet.

Discovery Sport also includes comprehensive active and passive safety systems such as Dynamic Stability Control, Electronic Traction Control, Vehicle Stability Control, Anti-Lock Braking system, Reverse Traffic Detection, Emergency Brake Lights, Lane Departure Warning and Seat Belt Reminder.

Best Wide SUV and Price Point winner Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport has once again confirmed its class-leading quality and performance, with the SDV6 HSE being named the Best Large SUV for two years. What Car? commented; “The Range Rover Sport may seem expensive for alternatives like the BMW X5 and the Mercedes-Benz ML, but the moment you enter the car, you'll immediately realize that you're getting your money's worth. If you have money, Rangie is truly a unique car. ”

It also emphasizes the “live acceleration” of the engine, the extensive technical specifications of the HSE model and the excellent driving characteristics it offers.

Range Rover Sport is offered with further innovation and improvements in 2015, including the All-Terrain Progress Control system, which provides automatic vehicle speed control to cope with steep slopes, tough and slippery surfaces. The new Head-Up Display option, which reflects basic vehicle performance information at the eye level of the driver to the underside of the windscreen, is among the useful technology features of the model.

Since the launch of 2005, more than half a million sales worldwide have proved Range Rover Sport's strong appeal.

Small SUV Price Point winner Range Rover Evoque

When Evoque was presented for the first time three years ago, it was a landmark for the Land Rover and SUV market. With its launch, it has garnered many accolades and awards worldwide. To date, he has won and continues to win more than 160. It quickly became the best-selling model of Land Rover and strengthened its appeal with the addition of new features.

What Car? The new Pure Tech, which emphasizes “impressive” and “attractive” features such as navigation, automatic headlamps, headlight washer system, heated windscreen, rain-sensing wipers and front parking sensors, has chosen the new Pure Tech as the “most affordable” vehicle in the price range over the pound.

Rear-seat entertainment systems, the world's first laser Head-Up Display and a nine-speed automatic transmission are among the key enhancements that make Evoque one of the most advanced vehicles in its class.

Range Rover, Luxury Car Price Point Winner

What Car? Range Rover 3.0 TDV6 Vogue SE 70.000-100.000 pound price range of luxury cars in the market as the “most affordable” vehicle selected as the market. This success of Land Rover, which offers a significant personalization opportunity by combining individuality with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, confirms that it has managed to keep up with the ever-growing and versatile tastes of its worldwide customers. All of these achievements were achieved without compromising on exceptional performance for all terrain conditions.

What Car? Is tek the only luxury car that has the potential to go anywhere ”and Range Rover, which it always calls a status symbol, whether it is on the streets of an elite neighborhood like South Kensington or on rough rural roads değerlendir is considered a unique offer.

While Vogue SE offers impressive features, Land Rover's attention to detail stands out with more exclusive options on the Range Rover Autobiography and Autobiography Black models.

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