New Lexus UX 300E Electric SUV Introduced at Guangzhou International Auto Show

new lexus ux e electric suv at the international auto show in guangzhou
new lexus ux e electric suv at the international auto show in guangzhou

Lexus UX 300 Prior to the Tokyo Motor Show, 2019 had introduced the global electrification strategy “Lexus ElectricDavid”, which aims to make a significant leap forward in terms of performance, control and driving pleasure, while respecting the environment.

Specifically, Lexus Electrified technology achieves the maximum potential of engine control technology developed through Full Hybrid, providing integrated control of transmission, steering, suspension and brakes.

This technology makes it possible to control the delivery of the driving force in order to guarantee the ideal behavior of the vehicle in every driving condition. In this way, Lexus is committed to providing cars that are always safer and more enjoyable to drive.

The new Lexus UX 300e was developed to deliver excellent performance and is the first fully electric model of the “Lexus Electrified” strategy.

Engineers focused on the unique performance benefits of electric vehicles, while retaining the unique design and enhanced dynamic features of the urban UX gateway. The UX 300e's high-performance engine provides linear acceleration and high-capacity batteries beneath the ground, provides a low center of gravity and guarantees the 400 km (NEDC cycle) driving range.

The UX 300e will be introduced in the Chinese and European markets at 2020 and in Japan at the beginning of 2021.

Main features of UX 300e

Lexus UX Starting from the refined use of the 300ELexus UX, engineers were able to utilize the new electric transmission to further enhance the vehicle's performance on the road. At the same time, the interior of the UX 300e is among the quietest in its class and is consistent with the attitude of maximizing the sound insulation of typical Lexus cars.

The UX 300e's Drive Mode Select feature allows you to manage acceleration and deceleration depending on different driving conditions. While driving, you can hear the strong acceleration and momentary torque of the EV drivetrain by depressing the pedal and using the paddle changer in a similar way to the engine brake, using four deceleration regeneration - all on the road with a natural driving sensation

The UX 300e offers excellent dynamic performance thanks to the optimization of front / rear weight distribution and the low center of gravity resulting from the moment of inertia and the placement of the engine and battery under the vehicle body.

The high performance level of the GA-C platform has been enhanced with additional supports and optimization of the damping force of the dampers to accommodate the dynamic variations of electrification.

Although electric vehicles are naturally silent, the UX 300e goes beyond what is normally guaranteed by an electric car and offers a set of measures aimed at limiting external noise (wind, pebbles) to be recognized in the absence of engine and transmission. . Lexus' attention to soundproofing of the passenger compartment ensures that the driver achieves a comfortable sound level on board. Engineers also focused on sound while driving to provide a sense of naturalness. Active Sound Control (ASC) transmits natural environmental noises to provide an understanding of driving conditions and gives the passenger compartment passengers a natural feel.

Legendary Lexus reliability inherited from the technological heritage of hybrid electrification

Lexus UX 300EUX While developing the 300e, Lexus used the knowledge acquired by developing hybrid systems and applied the same standard of quality and comfort to the first standard electric vehicle in the Lexus range. The Lexus engineering team provided outstanding battery reliability and also used the latest connectivity technology to maximize everyday use and functionality with smartphones.

Using the knowledge gained in the development of hybrid vehicles, the efficiency of the engine, inverter, gears and high capacity battery are maximized. By improving the performance of the entire system, the driving distance of the UX 300e is 400 km (in NEDC cycle).

Batteries are equipped with a temperature management system that operates at low and high ambient temperatures. Reliability is also enhanced through the use of multiple monitoring systems that regulate load and prevent overload conditions.
UX 300e offers the latest Lexus vehicle connectivity technology, managed by the LexusLink app, where drivers can check the charge state of the battery as driving range. Charging controls are also included, such as the timer function, which informs the owner when the car will be charged later or plans to schedule the charge based on when the car is to be used later. The app also provides remote control of various functions such as air conditioning, seat heating and glass defroster.

UX 300e - Engine Specifications placement Maximum power Maximum torque front 150kW 300nm UX 300e - Battery Specifications type capacity autonomy Charge rate Standard (AC) Rapida (DC) Lithium Ion 54.3kWh 400km * 1k 6.6kW Maximum 50kW * 1kW NEDC cycle Characterized by the distinctive design and advanced dynamic features of the original UX

Lexus UX 300ELexus The unique style and high dynamics of the UX urban transition were transferred to the UX300e and made it a great personality product.

In addition to the bold and sophisticated exterior that reminds agile and dynamic driving, Lexus has developed special aerodynamic wheels and a special underbody cover for the UX300e.

The position of the kaydırma cable slip ”system in the center console contributes to the simplicity and functionality of the interior design.
Lexus encourages the development and deployment of innovative technologies for security, and recommends the creation of the entire product range. The UX 300e has adopted the innovative Lexus Safety System + active safety system, which helps the driver prevent accidents with driver assistance systems while providing a pleasant and safe driving experience.

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