Goodyear Launches New Kelly Truck Tires

goodyear offers new kelly truck tires for sale
goodyear offers new kelly truck tires for sale

Goodyear is launching two new truck tires Armorsteel KSM2 and KDM2 series, ideal for budget-oriented fleets, at all dealers.

GOODYEAR Armorsteel unveils two new Kelly truck tires from the KSM2 and KDM2 series. The new Kelly series offers an ideal choice for budget-oriented fleets and is available from all Goodyear dealers.

All sizes of the series include the 3PMSF marking, which indicates superior winter performance and compliance with European winter legislation. These high-tonnage tires, which are compatible with Euro 6 trucks, also reduce rolling resistance.

The tires are designed to be used in a wider area with improved tread structure against treading and provide better wet grip and tread life. The rugged tread pattern provides high mileage and regular wear, while the rugged body construction provides excellent resistance to rupture and tear and excellent durability.


DimensionsLoad / Speed ​​Index 1Load / Speed ​​Index 2PatternWinterDetails
295 / 80R22.5154 / 149MAmorsteel KSM23PMSFHigh Load
295 / 80R22.5152 / 148MAmorsteel KDM23PMSF
315 / 80R22.5156 / 150L154 / 150MAmorsteel KSM23PMSF
315 / 80R22.5156 / 150L154 / 150MAmorsteel KDM23PMSF
315 / 70R22.5156 / 150LAmorsteel KSM23PMSFHigh Load
315 / 70R225154 / 150L152 / 148MAmorsteel KDM23PMSF

Kelly truck tires designed for regional transport in Europe and was produced in Turkey and Europe meets the highest quality standards. The product line was developed to meet the daily needs of fleets.

The new products are part of Kelly's comprehensive product line, which includes both regional transport and mixed service tires. All Kelly tires are retractable, giving fleets considerable flexibility and savings.

Goodyear Commercial Tire Sales Director Turkey on the subject Saban Gungor; Good We, Goodyear, see ourselves as a provider of mobility solutions and we aim to relieve the fleets that are experiencing the cost pressure with our new Kelly truck tires. Offering a budget-oriented and high quality option, we offer this series to the service of our fleets by selling it to all Goodyear dealers. In addition to our tires, we offer unique technologies and solutions with Proactive Solutions and help fleets save fuel, '' he said.

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