Ford Driving Academy Raises Awareness of Young Drivers with Champion Pilots

Ford driving academy raises young drivers with champion pilots
Ford driving academy raises young drivers with champion pilots

Ford's Ford Driving Academy's social responsibility projects carried out in Turkey leg of worldwide 2019 4. once again took place with intense interest of young drivers. 14-15 in Istanbul between November, European champions Castrol Ford Team Turkey within the scope of the training of young drivers with the pilot of the team, develop their driving ability, he was conscious about driving safety.

Ford Motor Company, the safe driving training projects developed in America in 2003 "Ford Driving Academy" (Ford Driving Skills for Life) was held in Turkey this year for the fourth time. Since 2003 years the awareness of young people over one million worldwide and 14-15 November at ITU Ayazaga young drivers at the event, which was free on campus, Ford in the Driving Academy Castrol Ford Team Turkey received training from a champion pilot.

18-24 aimed at young people in the age range and attracted great interest in the training sessions took place as 3,5 hour. In the program consisting of 4 stages, the dangers of distracting behaviors such as SMS throwing and taking pictures at the wheel and the dangers of driving with alcohol were shown with simulation glasses, which are expressed as drunk glasses. At the Ford Driving Academy in Europe, the first cause of death among young people aged 18-24 was the traffic accident; skill development trainings such as hazard recognition, steering, speed and distance management were given both theoretically and practically.

European Rally Champion Castrol Ford Team Turkey team pilots to train young drivers

Ford Driving Academy continues to work with leading educational institutions of each country. Turkey leg of the platform in this important task; One of Turkey's most important motor sports icon European champions Castrol Ford Team Turkey was carried out by the pilot Murat Bostanci. Castrol Ford Team Turkey's champion pilots shared their experiences in the context of driving the Ford Driving Academy and knowledge with young drivers. Turkey in raising awareness of young driver training with the first attribute in this context, and bearing a traffic aimed to travel more secure.

Ford Driving Academy, 41 reaches more than 1 million young people in the country

15 Ford Driving Academy, which reaches over young drivers with more than 41 million new driving licenses in the 1 country annually, offers free trainings; continues to work with hands-on trainings, online collaborations to create innovative ideas and reach more young drivers. Almost all of the young people attending the Ford Driving Academy trainings say that they are more confident and recommend the program to their friends after the training. the fourth time that occurs as free and youth in Turkey by young people participating in the training Intense interest drives, the project is highly instructive in terms of safe driving and about the reach of many errors of the difference they make in traffic says that a very useful training.

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