Ald Automotive Turkey Eco-Friendly Cars use to Promoting You

ALD Automotive turkey environmentally friendly cars are encouraged to use
ALD Automotive turkey environmentally friendly cars are encouraged to use

ALD is one of the most important players in the operational leasing sector in Turkey Turkey Automotive, Electric and Hybrid Vehicle event held for customers. The event enabled ALD Automotive customers to discover and test the latest technologies of hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as experience seat belt simulators to raise awareness of safe driving.

ALD Automotive Turkey, Lexus, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Volvo and ZES (Zorlu Energy Solutions) with the support of "Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Event" düzenledi.şirket order to increase the awareness of environmentally friendly vehicles in the fleet and which aim to emphasize the importance of road safety in the event, customers has the opportunity to examine and test the latest electric and hybrid car models on the market. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to experience impact and tipping simulators after the event's ecological and safe driving training session.

This event fully supports ALD Automotive's global Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. The group has ambitious targets to increase the number of electric and hybrid vehicles in its global fleet. The financial partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB) to accelerate the transition to environmentally friendly vehicles is also the latest step at the global level to achieve this goal.

The European Investment Bank provided 250 million-euro funding to ALD Automotive, Europe's leading operational leasing company, to enable it to develop its range of hybrid and electric vehicles across the European Union. This funding will allow the purchase of a thousand electric and hybrid vehicles across Europe.

Over 2020 thousand green vehicles at the end of the target 200

ALD Automotive Turkey General Director Timur Qajar "ALD, as in Turkey, which also operates in other countries play a leading role in the transition to a green fleet. The latest financial partnership with the European Investment Bank is the best proof of this commitment. The European Investment Bank provided a € 250 fund to accelerate the purchase of hybrid and electric vehicles in ALD's global fleet. This partnership will strengthen our sustainable mobility strategy and help promote the gradual adoption of low-emission vehicles in particular. As ALD 2019 We aim to have more vehicles than 118.000 until the end of 2020 with alternative vehicles that we will add to our rapidly growing green vehicle fleet which is over 200.000 at the end of June.

ALD as Automotive Turkey, the tool supports the fleet to be environmentally friendly and encourage you to choose electric and hybrid vehicles models for these types of events thanks to our customers fleets, at the same time, we also stress the importance of ecological and safe driving.

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