2019 WRC World Champion Ott Tanak at Hyundai Motorsport

wrc world champion ott tanak hyundai motorsportta
wrc world champion ott tanak hyundai motorsportta

Hyundai Motorsport Team, Estonian rally driver Ott Tanak with a two-year signature to join the 2020 season is preparing to make a great start. .Ott Tanak and co-pilot Martin Jarveoja will be at the wheel of the 2020 race of the 2021 WRC season and will also contribute to the development of the vehicle. Loeb and Sordo will take part in certain races of the season.

The WRC World Rally Championship will host 2020 in the new country in 3.

Tan I'm really excited about joining Hyundai Motorsport. Team Director Andrea Adamo '

's vision is very impressive and it fits my goals for the future. I have great respect for the successes of Hyundai in recent years and have been fighting each other closely for a few years. They always had a competitive team and a powerful car. Now it will be interesting for my career to experience these things as part of the team. The driver sequence is also good and I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together next season..

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