New Pirelli P Zero Tires for the BMW M8

new bmw m8e special production pirelli p zero tires
new bmw m8e special production pirelli p zero tires

Pirelli and BMW Group's successful cooperation based on many years continues. In this context, various versions of Pirelli's ultra-high performance P Zero tire were designed and built specifically for the new BMW M8.

This specific version of the P Zero is the result of years of close collaboration between the development and testing units of the Pirelli and the BMW Group. Applying Pirelli's Perfect Fit philosophy, a version of the P MX is designed to match the driving characteristics of the BMW M8. This tire has been fine-tuned to match the chassis and features of the M8 variants offered by the BMW Group as ”coupé“ and “cabriolet mükemmel. The new BMW homologated tires carry the corresponding markings on their sidewalls and are available in the following dimensions: P Zero 275 / 35 ZR 20 (front axle) and P Zero 285 / 35 ZR 20 (rear axle).

Reflects the full potential of the new BMW M8

The variation developed for BMW performs better in terms of lap time, steering on dry and wet surfaces, consistency, braking, vertical and lateral evacuation, weight, comfort, noise level and mileage compared to the original P Zero. The special design of the P Zero makes the BMW M8 fully realize its full potential.

The new BMW M8 Coupé and an even more powerful and luxurious version of this high-performance sports car, the BMW M8 Competition Coupé, promise outstanding driving experiences on the road and on the race track. The new BMW M8 Cabriolet and the BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet appeal to convertible enthusiasts. The high-performance Cabriolet offers an even better balance between the practicality of everyday use and motor-inspired performance.

All models are powered by the 4.4 liter V8 twin-turbo petrol engine. “Competition” models have 460 kW / 625 hp. The maximum speed of all models is 250 km / h.

Pirelli engineers made changes to the tire tread pattern and some other elements to optimize the noise level during rolling in order to adapt the performance characteristics of the P Zero to the driving characteristics of BMW cars. The result is stronger grip and excellent wet performance. Engineers used layers of different construction on the carcasses of the front and rear tires to achieve the best possible balance between the front and rear axles of the vehicle. The front tires are symmetrical and the rear tires are asymmetrical. As a result, the special design variants of the P Zero enable the tires to deliver optimum performance in the BMW M8.

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