4X4 Summit in Off-Road Enthusiast Erciyes

4x4 of the off road enthusiasts
4x4 of the off road enthusiasts

Off-road enthusiasts challenged the challenging volcanic terrain of Erciyes and climbed 3 thousand 400 meters with vehicles.

Erciyes Mountain, which attracts the attention of adrenaline and adventure enthusiasts as professional camp, training, mountain and natural sports base in summer as well as winter sports, has entered the orbit of off-road enthusiasts who drive vehicles in difficult conditions in the nature.

Challenging volcanic terrain conditions, rugged surroundings and all kinds of extreme sports with conditions suitable for the highest mountain of Central Anatolia Erciyes 3 thousand 917 meters peaks of enthusiasts cut off their feet.

Erciyes Inc. and Antalya Offroad and Motor Sports Club, the adventure lovers who met at Mount Erciyes had the excitement of off-road at the summit.

Erol Karagöz, President of Antalya Off-Road Motor Sports Club, said: olarak As off-road enthusiasts in Antalya, we had an unforgettable driving pleasure in Erciyes. This place has great terrain. It was a privilege for us to do this sport at the summit of the magnificent Erciyes. of all off-road enthusiasts in Turkey, we also ask them to experience this place is a must. We will tell these enthusiasts as much as we can to the Erciyes Mountain. We hope that we will crown our motor sports with the races we will do in the unique natural track environment in Erciyes in the future. ”

Erciyes Inc. Chairman of the Board Murat Cahid Cıngı said, “All our efforts are to keep Erciyes in the service of Kayseri and the country as an international ski center in winter and alternative sports in summer. Thank goodness we are progressing our goals by adding a new one every year. Today Erciyes; peak climbing, hiking, cycling tent camping, atv safari, horseback riding with various activities such as the wide range of opportunities for nature lovers, races, festivals, has become a beautiful medium for social and sporting events. Our mountain offers very rich opportunities for motor sports. Off-road enthusiasts from Antalya have driven to the volcanic terrain and climbed 3 thousand 400 meters. It was kind of a start for the races we're going to do. We are conducting studies in this direction. Mount Erciyes, which is a base in every area, will also be the center of the off-road. We also invite all off-road enthusiasts in our country here. ”

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