Motobike Istanbul 2020 Preparations Started!

motobike istanbul 2020 preparations started
motobike istanbul 2020 preparations started

Motobike Istanbul, 20-23 The most comprehensive activity of the motorcycle and bicycle sector in the region is 2020 between February 12. times preparing to open the doors.

Motobike Istanbul, the most comprehensive event of the motorcycle and bicycle industry in the region, organized by Messe Frankfurt Istanbul, is the 12. preparing for the meeting. 20 - 23 2020, which will be held in Istanbul Expo Center between February 14 dates, will be sold on Biletix in October.

Motobike Istanbul events continue all year

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, the world's most stylish ride, is 6 on Sunday with the support of Motobike Istanbul. times took place. He registered for 300 in Istanbul and donations were raised on the same day with the whole world in order to improve the image of motorcycle driver and to draw attention to male health. Motobike Istanbul was given the helmet specially designed for The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride by Motobike Istanbul.

Early flight tickets are available on Biletix!

The tickets of Motobike Istanbul, which is the most important meeting point of the motorcycle and bicycle sector to be sold through Biletix, are offered for sale again at this time with advantageous prices. All visitors, who do not want to miss the advantageous prices in the early period, can purchase their fair tickets from Biletix and from all Biletix sales points starting from 14 October. In addition, tickets will be sold exclusively to students and women, with a 50% discount on Thursdays and Fridays.

Motobike Istanbul is again multicolored at 2020

At the fair, where the leading motorcycle brands will be launched, visitors will have the opportunity to see new models for the first time as they do every year. The fair will be transformed into a unique event with activities, seminars and workshops to be held within the scope of ob Motobike Academy Dört for four days. Visitors will have the chance to participate in enjoyable conversations and events about the world of motorcycles and bicycles. In addition, with motorcycle shows and surprise events to be held in the show area, visitors will again enjoy pleasant and exciting moments.

The “custom” area, where custom-made or personalized motorcycles and bicycles will be exhibited, will also welcome enthusiasts. The team of the ingu The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride ”event, where stylishly dressed gentleman and ladies with motorcycle enthusiasts take part in their classic engines, will also take part in the custom field.

Motobike Istanbul Supporters and Sponsors

Motobike Istanbul is preparing to bring the sector together with its main supporters: Motorcycle Industry Association (MOTED), Motorcycle Industrialists Association (Motoder) and strong sponsors.

For details, you can follow Facebook, instagram and twitter accounts with Motobike Istanbul's official website.

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