Hyundai Starts to Use Virtual Technology in Design

hyundai started to use virtual technology in design
hyundai started to use virtual technology in design

Hyundai, one of the world's leading car manufacturers, continues to attack technology. The virtual reality will be utilized along with the clay used during the design. VR technology will save time and costs.

Hyundai European Design Center (HDCE) continues to develop its cars using the latest technologies. The virtual design technology developed by the brand will play an active role in Hyundai models of the future.

Traditionally, mud and clay modeling techniques are used in automobile design processes. It is necessary to spend a lot of time to express the different design ideas sufficiently on the model samples prepared using these materials. Because when the design does not get approval, the project needs to be prepared from scratch. In all such negative processes, time and cost calculations are of great importance.

Thanks to virtual reality, Hyundai will be able to make unlimited changes and save on design costs. After the approval of the design prepared in computer environment, the final lines will be formed on the clay model. This technology will both accelerate the design process and allow Hyundai to better analyze customer demands. The computer-generated design will be visualized as quickly as possible, allowing color and trim variations. Virtual design is a technology that Hyundai has been focusing on for almost a decade and will be used in all models.

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