New Generation Gasoline Engines for Dacia Duster

dacia dustera new generation gasoline engines
dacia dustera new generation gasoline engines

Dacia Duster, the new generation of gasoline engines added to the product range further enhances driving pleasure. The 1.0 TCe 100bg and 1.3 TCe 150bg petrol engines stand out with their performance and low fuel consumption, as well as their green features. The 4 TCe 4bg petrol engine, used for the first time in the 1.3 × 150 versions of Dacia Duster, takes off-road performance to the next level.

TCe 100: new generation engine

The 115 TCe 1.0bg petrol engine offers higher driving dynamics than the SCe 100 it replaces, reducing fuel consumption (5,4l / 100 km) and CO2 emission emissions (124 g / km). The 5 advanced manual gearbox offers versatile driving on urban and intercity roads. The engine, which manifests itself at low speeds, provides optimum driving pleasure thanks to its higher torque level. The 100 cylinder turbo engine with indirect injection is lighter and more compact and combines the latest technologies:

1.3 TCe 150bg: more powerful performance

The 1.3 TCe 150bg gasoline engine, added to the Duster product range, has lower fuel consumption values ​​(1.2l / 125km) than the 6.3 Tce 100 bg gasoline engine that it replaces, as well as producing more power and torque. The Duster 1.3TCe 150bg provides 5250 hp (150 kW) at 110 (1700 kW) and 250Nm at 25 rpm, providing + 45 hp and + XNUMXNm of torque compared to the previous generation engine.

Duster, gasoline to meet the demand of all customers in Turkey, will be sold with diesel and LPG options. Duster product range; In addition to manual versions of the 1.0, 100, 4, 2, 1.3, 130, 4, 2, 1.3, 150, 4, 4, 1.5, 95 The 4 manual & 2 × 1.5) diesel engine has manual gearbox and the ECO-G 115 bg (4 × 2 manual) LPG option.

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