Bulgaria's Incentive for Volkswagen Plant

bulgarian to promote volkswagen factory
bulgarian to promote volkswagen factory

Turkey's biggest competitor for Volkswagen's new factory located in Bulgaria, has doubled its offer government incentives. VW's management stated that Syria unrest related to operations in Turkey.

German automotive giant Volkswagen (VW) in the quest for a new factory to be established in Turkey's most serious rival, Bulgaria has doubled the amount of government grants to be given to the factory.

The former president of Bulgaria, Rosen Plevneliyev, told the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that they are ready to double the state incentive they offer for the new factory, DW Turkish quoted him as saying.

"We have found a way to offer Volkswagen an 135-250 million euro instead of 260 million euros," Plevneliyev, president of the Sofia-based union of Bulgarian automotive makers, told the newspaper.

Plevneliyev noted that the amount of the offer increased to 800 million euros when railway and motorway connections and trams were added, adding that the amount of the government incentives was discussed with the EU Commission.

Plevneliev said the proposal was forwarded to VW and that they had not yet received a response.


Saks The images from the north of Syria are terrible, Aşağı said Stephan Weil, Prime Minister of Lower Saxony. I can not imagine Volkswagen would do under these circumstances billion investment in Turkey, "he said. The state is the second largest shareholder of VW.

military operation launched last Wednesday on Turkey's Syria's northeast have been condemned by Germany and the EU, it was announced measures such as cessation of arms sales to Turkey.

Volkswagen said in a statement yesterday that the current developments regarding Turkey had anxiously monitored and reported that postponed the decision on the investment. The final decision was expected to be announced in early October.

As mentioned in detail in the Passat and Superb hungry by this factory will produce cars in the D segment lower costs in the first stage of establishing the German press in Turkey and will provide more sales opportunities.

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